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The service model: GLOBAL-SNMP-OID

Via SNMP, this plugin allows to :
- query an OID.
- compare the harvested value to warning and critical thresholds.
- choose the text to be displayed before the value.
- choose the unit of the value.
- generate performance data to create a graph.

New server to supervise, how to do it?

MIB analysis

First, get the SNMP MIB of the equipment and analyze it.
For example, according to the MIB of the new server, the disk space used is obtained with the OID :

Configuring the checkpoint to monitor disk space usage

Navigate to "Configuration", "Services", "List" then "Add".

Select the service model: GLOBAL-SNMP-OID and give the service a name.

Configuring inspection point parameters :

  • Specify the OID to be queried.
  • Indicate the Prefix text that will be displayed in the Technical Exploitation.
  • Indicate the unit of the harvested value.
  • Set alert thresholds.

The output text will be here: "Disk space used: value Go "

Link the service to the equipment to be monitored.

Finally, reload the configuration of the box.


The performance data is visible in the metrics:

Adaptable plugin

This service model allows to query an OID of a MIB which returns a numerical value.
It can be used to monitor any element (referenced in the MIB) of a piece of equipment.

Sometimes it is necessary to display two values or to perform mathematical operations between several OIDs. See the plugin check_snmp_operation.

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