OCI chooses Coservit's ServiceNav monitoring solution.

The context

OCI, a specialist in IT services

OIC is one of the most important IT services companies in Eastern France for small and medium-sized businesses. Present since 1979, OCI now has 9 agencies and more than 250 employees at the service of its customers. Specialized in IT outsourcing, OCI takes care of all the management of their IT systems for its numerous customers.

OCI offers its customers business software solutions (sales management, payroll, accounting, HR, etc.) and supervision solutions for workstations, servers, security and data backup. With its own infrastructure, OCI also offers SaaS solutions to its customers.

Over the last 10 years, OCI has grown significantly by acquiring new skills, in particular through the integration of the TCI (telephony solutions for companies) and RCI (cabling solutions) agencies.

We expect our suppliers to be our partners as well. And that's what we found at Coservit.

Business issues

OCI set out to find a complete and effective solution with high added value, both for its own teams and for its customers.

"We tested different open source and commercial solutions such as Nagios and PRTG derivatives but we chose the ServiceNav solution because it better met our needs as an MSP, i.e. a large catalogue of probes and targeted reporting.

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

The criteria for choosing OCI that Coservit was able to meet

"Coservit was recommended to us by one of our joint partners, the company Promosoft. We were in the middle of a study on the implementation of a monitoring solutionWe were looking for an efficient solution for our company and, above all, a service that we could offer to our customers. Coservit's ServiceNav met our specifications for 100%, namely a a complete, easy-to-use and scalable solution that allows our teams to spend less time on administration and more time on the farm.

The benefits

A trusted partner

For OCI, the human dimension of professional relations is an essential value. With Coservit, OCI has found a dedicated contact who knows the issues and challenges of the business. The company can thus rely on expert contributors to respond to its requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"We expect our suppliers to be our partners as well. And that's what we found in Coservit."

There is a real dialogue between OCI and Coservit, which makes this relationship a win-win partnership:

- for OCI, thanks to the provision of answers adapted to its new problems with the creation, for example, of new reports more adapted to its customers' problems.

- for Coservit, improving its ServiceNav solution by listening to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

ServiceNav: a gain in productivity?

Gilles Macchioni concludes "Yes, it's a certainty. The product has scaled, we haven't added people to the solution and the ROI is better."

Today, Gilles Macchioni declares himself ready to recommend Coservit.

The product has scaled, we haven't added people to the solution and the ROI is better.

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