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Video from the CRIP Annual Convention on December 8, 2021

Discover or relive the testimony of Rémi Drouin, CTO at Vinci Holding, on his use of ServiceNav. In this 15-minute presentation, he explains how monitoring has enabled him to consolidate his system and IT infrastructure, thanks in particular to the service weather forecast, while also discussing the benefits of integration with EasyVista!

Service Weather allows us to provide the business with relevant information on the status of services. The colored dots indicate the information in real time, and allow to analyze the source of the problem for a quick resolution.
We have integrated the service weather report into the EasyVista platform, which allows us to significantly reduce the number of open tickets. In fact, when the user logs on to open a ticket, he or she can see in real time the state of health of the service concerned. They can see that IT is aware of this malfunction and does not need to report it. This was the most important point for us

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