Forecasting with IT monitoring

Anticipate alerts to improve the availability of your IT infrastructure


Deliver on
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Advance warning of impending alerts, allowing for anticipation of interventions and avoid malfunctions, is the dream of every CIO! That's why we have created an alert forecasting feature using the latest AI technologies.  With forecasting you avoid reducing the availability and performance of your IT.

Forecast 1

A new level in proactivity

You are notified of alerts before they happen. Night-time interventions can therefore be carried out in the middle of the day, when staff availability is at its highest.

View a dashboard of upcoming alerts, over a short-term forecast window, along with a confidence rating. Forecasts are constantly re-evaluated based on the latest collected data.
Forecast 2

Save time

The forecast window covers night-time production periods, when there are very few employees about and specialists are not available. If night-time activity is avoided, this means more alert employees, lower costs and a full operating team during the day.

Forecast 4

Forecasting is a first use case of the value delivered by artificial intelligence technologies when applied to IT operations.

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