From technical to functional, from supervision to hypervision

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The Context

Historically, market supervision solutions have mainly been used to monitor information systems from a technical point of view. However, a shift towards the supervision of functional elements is gradually taking place. Thus, we see the supervision of turnover, production lines, waiting times, ... appearing.

Some of the monitoring solutions available on the market allow you to retrieve information from databases, file systems, to receive information. The access to information, however in various systems, is therefore easy and simple to set up.

From this information, it is then possible to set up all the possibilities of supervision:

  • Alerts when thresholds are exceeded,
  • Dashboards for real-time information,
  • Reports to track a history,

The need to supervise heterogeneous systems, to cross-check information, to aggregate elements in a service weather to show business results makes the hypervision solutions such as ServiceNav allow a quick and visual construction of all these elements. The IT Weather can then aggregate and cross-check technical and functional data in just a few clicks.

Preventive action through the notification system makes the solution intelligent and brings a real plus to operators: being notified in real time of an abnormal variation of an element allows a quick reaction and the taking of appropriate measures.

Some examples of uses

Manager of a billing center :

"What if you were alerted as soon as a bill exceeds an implausible amount? Your average invoice is around 200€ with a low range of variation, receive an alert as soon as an invoice exceeds 2000€. That's extra customer satisfaction and one less credit note to worry about! »

Responsible for a network of regional stores:

"Follow on a map of your network the smooth running of your stores, and also their turnover in real time. The decision-making process to guide your actions will only be more efficient".

Responsible for a production line:

"It is essential to have a dashboard that shows you how well each element of the production chain and the stock of parts remaining at each item is working properly. Receiving an alert as soon as a local stock becomes low is a real contribution to production".

To go further: reread our published article Hypervision versus supervision

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