Happy New Year 2021!

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We could offer you the traditional "Happy New Year & Best Wishes", and wish you the best of health.

We prefer to go further and tell you about our vision of supervision, and what we want to do accomplishand you do accomplish, with ServiceNavthis year.

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This year, more than ever, we want to put the user experience at the center of our thinking. This will involve in-depth work on the application and its ergonomics, but also by collecting feedback from the field. With this in mind, the month of February will see the organisation of the first user clubA session dedicated to MSPs, which will be an opportunity to strengthen our ties and work together around the product and your needs. A session dedicated to end clients will be offered in the second quarter.

Launched in September 2019, the LinkedIn Group has doubled its number of members in 1 year, and is waiting for you to strengthen the community and build together a product closer to your needs and your reality.

2021 will also be the year of customer care. Some of our customers are already benefiting from our Service Delivery Management to support them in the implementation and continuous improvement of ServiceNav. After an encouraging start in 2020, we will continue and expand our Customer Success Management to allow us to to be closer to our customers and their expectations.

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At the heart of the ServiceNav product strategy for more than 5 years, AIOps functionalities will reach a new level in 2021.

Whether it is in the area of optimizing availability (forecast 15h/3 months), configuration assistance and false positive reduction (recommendations), or event correlation (dedicated widgets), the AIOps functionalities will be permanently integrated into ServiceNav for intelligent supervision, at ease with high volume parks.

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Resources will always be limited, and your customers will always demand more. Doing more and better with constant resources is therefore essential.

In the continuity of 2020, we wish to further enrich the functionalities dedicated to facilitate configuration actions or operationin the operation, project launch or maintenance phases of your supervised park.

Whether it is through the evolution of theimport and mass updateof the censusthe arrival of new endpoints APIor Enhanced ITSM integrationswe want to make sure that you are able to stall.

You have a lot on your plate, so it's time to wrap things up. The Team ServiceNav and myself wish you a very happy new year, our best wishes, and the best of health, for you as well as for your equipment and services under supervision.

Florian MATTES - ServiceNav Product Manager

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