The importance of generic plugins

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A plugin to govern them all.

"We just bought a new equipment, I can't find any plugins in your catalog. Is it possible to supervise it?"
"Of course, we're going to need an SNMP MIB to analyze what can be done"
MIB analysis, plugin specification, validation, development, testing, deployment, checkpointing.

The classic scenario when a customer acquires an item not supported by ServiceNav.

What if the monitoring of any equipment could be done with a single plugin?

How does the supervision of a new equipment work?

With 1,200 checkpoints, it can happen that our Catalogue does not meet a new need.
Also, it is important to us that our customers can save time by creating their own service models.

Servers, NAS, cameras, wifi terminals, temperature sensors; any element that implements SNMP can be monitored with our generic plugins:

==> check_snmp_oid ; check_snmp_table_value ; check_snmp_oid_status ; check_snmp_table_status

These plugins allow you to :

  • Query an OID or an SNMP table,
  • Set thresholds to which to compare the value returned by the OID,
  • Determine a status based on the values returned by an OID,
  • Customize the text displayed in the ServiceNav Technical Evaluation,
  • Generate performance data to obtain graphs.

Just scan the MIB and create a service model from these plugins.

What if a disk space is obtained by combining several OIDs?
The OID returns 30000 MB used. How do I get it in GB? How do I express it as a percentage?

To achieve this further processing of the data, the check_snmp_operation will be available in version 3.14 of ServiceNav.

Data, the heart of supervision.

Beyond a red or green dot on a dashboard, supervision must generate relevant and usable data in a Report or a Weather Services.

Sometimes the raw data alone is not enough. It is necessary to be able to manipulate it according to the need, to add it with others, to transform it into percentage, to change its unit.

With a plugin like check_snmp_operationIt is possible to :

  • Perform up to two calculations with values returned by multiple OIDs,
  • Simply display up to two raw values returned by two OIDs,
  • Set alert thresholds,
  • Display results with customizable unit and text output,
  • Choose to create a graph with these results.

Intelligent data processing is a vector of relevance and value of supervision.

End credits.

The availability of generic plugins that can be configured is part of our desire to respond to the diversification of IS tools.

monitoring tool flexible and adaptable is a major asset for saving time, planning and acting.

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