The positive impact of probe templates on ServiceNav deployment

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Using a monitoring tool has become an imperative in many sectors, starting with helpdesk type companies. But in many cases, a simple monitoring tool providing raw and non-hierarchical data is not enough to facilitate the task of IT departments. The monitoring software, or rather hypervisionIn this respect, ServiceNav stands out thanks to its personalized dashboards and service weather updated in real time. They allow to process and prioritize data.

In order to facilitate the deployment of this monitoring solution pre-established probes are made available to you. Thanks to these pre-configured probes, ServiceNav can identify the data of interest and knows how to process it and how to report it via the dashboards.

What is a monitoring probe?

The probes, also called plugins, alert the user of a malfunction in progress or the unavailability of a service. They also report their values to the ServiceNav platform regularly. This allows for predictive maintenance rather than just corrective maintenance, leaving IT departments free to focus on optimizing services and other business applications.

The use of ServiceNav by users, thanks to the dashboards, reports and notifications, will allow them to:

- To react to a breakdown,
- Anticipate outages by analyzing variations in metrics over time (e.g., shrinking available disk space).

The role of these plugins is to bring up the data collected by the various tools in order to create the dashboards. They allow to order these data and to qualify them after having defined which data must be brought back and how they must be exploited.

Thanks to these pre-established probes, the information coming from the different software solutions and hardware components is qualified. By using the unique ServiceNav repository, it is possible to cross-reference them very easily, which makes it possible to consolidate the dashboards with a very wide range of information and to compare them in a relevant way.

Simplified deployment of supervision

A probe is a binary executable or script, which runs on the command line and whose arguments determine the value of an indicator. The probes generally executed via ServiceNav Box (a non-intrusive solution that does not require the installation of an agent on the servers) are predefined to allow a quick and easy deployment of the monitoring solution. But they can of course be customized. Different choices will be proposed to you. They depend on your particular constraints.

Note that an agent can still be installed for cases where ServiceNav Box cannot be deployed at a customer's site. However, with this agent, the number of metrics that can be captured is smaller.

The probes are pre-established according to the machines, software, anti-virus and network components that constitute your information system. The choices depend on the hardware/software being probed, the target dashboard and potentially the information gathered by other probes already configured that you wish to cross-reference.

With more than 1300 probe templates capturing metrics from machines, software and other anti-virus softwareCoservit has developed numerous service templates based on default information, aimed at simplifying the creation and implementation of dashboards and service weather. You do not need to develop your own plugins and the compatibility of the sensors with many commercial solutions is ensured.

The configuration of your supervision and its deployment are accelerated and simplified to the maximum. Control points are preconfigured, and configuration import is performed from existing tools. The deployment is implemented in mass configuration policies.

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