How does user experience monitoring make it possible to be even more responsive to users?

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Historically, monitoring tools such as ServiceNav have been effective and robust in measuring technical monitoring needs. This technically oriented vision ensures that each of the bricks of the information system is functional, but it does not provide a business vision and user experience, which is at the heart of the concerns and exchanges between users and IT departments. The famous: "My application is rowing" when from a technical point of view everything is functional.

The user experience measurement is therefore now an essential element in IT departments and its integration in supervision is essential.

What is user experience and how to measure it?

From a technical point of view, your application may appear to be fully functional (availability measurement) but may be felt to be unusable by different users because of excessive slowness (user experience).
This End User Experience measurement addresses the need to measure in real time the execution time of a set of predefined actions from a set of sites on heterogeneous systems.
The principle common to all user experience measurement systems is to execute at regular intervals the same scenario on different agents placed as close as possible to the users to find the execution conditions.

How does ServiceNav measure user experience?

ServiceNav integrates through its catalog of plugins  various measuring instruments user experience and especially since version 3.14 the AppsMon tool of theItexis editor. The principle is the same for all solutions: ServiceNav retrieves execution times and the status of the last execution on one or more agents through a checkpoint and sends back an alert if an execution error occurs or if the normal execution time is exceeded.

The execution time is then kept as a metric to measure the evolution over time.

It is then possible to analyse whether one or more sites present real slowness or not and to push the diagnosis further.
It is also possible to experience spikes in usage in supervised applications and to make plans to adapt the infrastructure to actual needs.
A real measurement tool for business departments, the user experience from the workstations enables the various non-technical teams to ensure that their application is functional and efficient and to work with the IT teams to propose appropriate solutions.

The constraints of application scenarios

However, there are some constraints to the implementation of application scenarios. First of all, it is necessary to make available on each of the study sites and as close as possible to the users a workstation similar to a user workstation to ensure a result as close as possible to reality.
Scenario maintenance is also an important point to consider. Indeed, during application upgrades, it is necessary to rework all user scenarios to adapt them to the new interface made available. In this case, a high level of reactivity is essential in order to continue to have reliable and concrete results.
On an application base that is often large and heterogeneous, the choice of a tool that allows the editing and updating of scenarios and the sending to the execution agents in a simple and fast way is therefore essential.
The costs of implementation (creation of scenarios) and maintenance (updating of scenarios) is therefore an important point to take into account. A long-term vision of the solution is therefore essential. What are the implementation costs? What maintenance costs? Will my solution be maintained over time?Contact ServiceNav for more information

In conclusion

Application scenarios are one of the essential building blocks to achieve a complete end-to-end supervision of one's information system and to respond to increasingly demanding users.
Complete integration in its supervision tool, such as ServiceNav, is equally important to have a single, built up vision of its information system. It will then be possible to propose a IT Weather Services composed of both a technical and functional vision.
The implementation of a tool for monitoring application scenarios will therefore become a matter of course in more and more structures and the choice of tool must be a real question to be asked.

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