How ServiceNav Customer Care enables support technicians to detect opportunities and simply pass the information on to sales staff.

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Often seen as two departments that rarely need to communicate with each other, pre-sales and after-sales service often have few communication channels.

At the same time, at the after-sales level, it is common for technicians to identify opportunities of additional sales.

With the cost of acquiring new customers always higher than the cost of repeat business, the fact of meet a need is always important.

The case study of a partner using Service Nav Customer Care.

For this partner, the level 1 technical teams and the sales teams are located on 2 sites several hundred kilometres apart and the technical teams are never in contact with the sales teams.

However, the technicians, who are in regular contact with customers, very frequently detect opportunities of sale :

  • Equipment renewal
  • Need for training
  • Adding licenses
  • ...

Prior to the changes implemented via Service Nav Customer Care, information was never passed on and sales opportunities were lost.

The implementation through Service Nav Customer Care.

The objectives given to the client for the implementation were quite demanding:

  • Simple operation and the least time consuming for the technician who must remain focused on his job.
  • Information from the salesman who remains in control of whether or not to create the opportunity.

To implement this we have modified the workflow for processing a request. Once the request is closed, the technician has a link to inform the sales person.

When clicking on this link, the technician can select the type of customer request (Hardware, License, ...) and add a note.

The sales representative responsible for the company is then immediately informed by email with all the necessary information:

  • Name and contact details of the client
  • Name and contact details
  • Information provided by the technician

With these new notifications, salespeople can deal with real time additional demands from the after-sales service and the technicians become the new business providers without adding work or heavy processes. An equation necessarily winner for our partner.

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