How to provide value-added service with business monitoring?

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Your company's business is growing, its activities are diversifying, and to support this growth, your network and your IT systems are growing in size and complexity. The daily challenge for the IT department is to ensure that the company's IT services are running smoothly so that everyone can do their job in optimal conditions.

Why choose business monitoring?

With networks becoming larger and larger, and applications multiplying and becoming more complex, global monitoring can quickly become a headache for the IT department.

=> Business monitoring is a targeted approach to IT service monitoring that saves time, improves efficiency and adds significant value.

Within the same company, the jobs and the ways of doing them can be very different. An accountant does not have the same needs and does not use the same IT tools as a salesperson for example.

By choosing a business supervision system, you ensure that you can respond precisely to the needs and problems of the various businesses in your company. You can also anticipate more easily the peaks of activity of each one and thus set priorities to avoid blockages. Human Resources have more important needs at the end of the month, at the time of the payroll for example. With a business supervision, you can monitor the proper functioning of the tools needed by HR at this time at a glance.

Which tools for an efficient business supervision?

=> Customize reports and alerts:

Use your supervision tools to display only the elements specific to each business in your reports. Your reports will thus gain in visibility for the employee and will allow you to be proactive. These reports targeted by business line will be real communication and dialogue tools with your employees and you will be able to make proposals (improvement, installation of new tools, etc.) for each business line.

=> To know in real time the state of the services related to each trade:

This will allow you to anticipate by prioritizing your activity according to the business and to intervene before a blockage occurs. Thanks to your supervision solution, you can establish a detailed mapping of the network and systems by selecting those used by each business. You will save time by identifying at a glance the elements that will impact a business without disturbing the others.

=> Leverage the scalability of your monitoring tools:

With demands and needs constantly growing, you must adapt to the increase in load while ensuring the proper functioning of features and services.

High value-added business monitoring with ServiceNav

Coservit's teams offer you a high value-added supervision solution: ServiceNav.

=> The weather of services allows you to see the status of your IT systems and services at a glance and in real time, in a way that is targeted to the various business areas of your company.

=> The Map module is customizable and can be adapted to the requirements of all businesses. Our expert and passionate team will help you configure and deploy this monitoring solution to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications.

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