How to set up an efficient IT supervision?

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Companies are increasingly interested in protecting themselves effectively against cyber threats: almost 75% of respondents consider the IT monitoring tool to be a central element of their network in terms of security.

An update on computer security

The business world feels a strong need to update itself in terms of computer security.

As cybercriminals develop more and more sophisticated and intelligent malware - the current focus is on the smartphone, but the computer is not left out - they are also developing more and more malicious programs. enhanced protection of information systems is nowadays an obvious, almost vital answer.

In the last 2 years, almost 52% of online users have been confronted with cybercrime as well as a large number of companies.

Between viruses, Trojans, industrial espionage, phishing and other practices, it is now essential that companies place greater emphasis on securing and monitoring their IT infrastructure to prevent the mishandling or loss of their data.

The solution with ServiceNav Monitoring

In order to efficiently supervise the IT infrastructure of a company, the company Coservit offers a global IT supervision software allowing to supervise as well an antivirus, a firewall, but also a data encryption software, a security software, an Internet filtering. This solution is called ServiceNav Monitoring.

How it works

On a heterogeneous fleet, ServiceNav Monitoring software constantly checks the status of backups, antivirus updates. ServiceNav Monitoring analyzes any security audit file for unusual events. With ServiceNav Monitoring, set up cryptolocker virus traps, and shut down access to the file server as soon as simultaneous modifications to the scanned files are detected. With Servicenav Monitoring, consolidate all these controls on your entire network in a dedicated security dashboard, and define the notification policy that will allow you to act immediately in case of a threat.

For more transparency and communication, especially with regard to the ISD (Information System Management), the ServiceNav Monitoring software has an application that allows it to show a clear and unambiguous dashboard to other people, thus simplifying exchanges.

ServiceNav Monitoring software provides accurate information about a company's infrastructure in real time and facilitates the management and preventive maintenance of these IT systems.

Efficient cooperation in the company

ServiceNav Monitoring contributes to a better collaboration within the same company.

For example, between those who manage the network, those in charge of the computer system and those who take care of the business applications, it is possible with this supervision software, to have a unique dashboard where each one receives the notifications and alerts concerning him.

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