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Product Manager ServiceNav

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According to the services subscribed to when you purchased our software ServiceNavYou can follow your requests and your services within a dedicated interface: the support portal.

Essential information

In order to be able to provide you with support and assistance, you can reach our support via the support portal :


You must provide Coservit or your integrator with a list of people authorised to open tickets on the support portal.

This is usually done during the supervision project. If an account is missing, you can send an email to the following address to request the creation of the account:

Login to the support portal

Access information to the portal is as follows:

  • URL:
  • Login name : Account communicated. (email address)
  • Password: please apply the forgotten password procedure to initialize the password for the 1st login.


When you log in, the following menus are visible. By default the Dashboard Overview view is displayed.


This synthesis page, allows to have an overview of the current requests and is composed of 4 zones :

  • Zone 1: Ongoing Applications
  • Zone 2: Daily/weekly/monthly schedule of Coservit interventions
    • By clicking on the number of linked actions, it is possible to see the different actions of the support and exchanges with it.
  • Field 3: Summary of a selected action in the calendar
  • Zone 4: Details of your benefits, including the balance of the token benefits.

Opening a support request

Just click on the button at the bottom right in the Overview menu or in the support menu.

Here are the elements to provide the ServiceNav support team with in order to be able to help you:

  • Subject of my request (required)
  • Details of my application (required)
  • Other person to contact: Name + tel; if you are applying for another person

Note : Do not hesitate to send any useful information (Name of the company or site in ServiceNav, name of the equipment, name of the service, etc...) in addition to screenshots to enable us to process your request as well as possible.

Monitor your performance

The details of the services, including the end date of your subscription to each of the modules and the balance of your token credit are shown at the bottom of the page. For each service you can click on the number of requests linked to obtain the details.

Here are 2 services, one of which requires an order of tokens.


This view shows the availability, maintenance and possible problems of our ServiceNav solution in SaaS mode according to the contract taken out.

If the platform is unavailable, we communicate exclusively through this channel.


This view allows you to search for requests or actions.

Search for a request or an action

It is possible to search for your requests or actions according to filters.

Menu Support


Our support portal is the gateway to all your ServiceNav support requests.

The portal provides transparency on all the operations carried out by Coservit in a time-stamped manner and makes it possible to retrieve all the information.

Information already provided in a previous application? With the request search, you will have the answer in a few seconds.

You benefit even more from the help our support team can give you!

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