Hypervision versus supervision

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The development of a company's activity in an increasingly competitive environment relies on a computer system that is adapted and at the service of the business lines. To ensure the smooth running of the services and applications used by employees, the IT department must ensure increased and optimised monitoring of its entire network.

IT supervision: a key element in the life of the company

The slightest slowdown or malfunction in a company's computer network can lead to a loss of revenue and slow down its activity and productivity. For several years now, IT supervision has been constantly developing thanks to increasingly high-performance tools.

  • Network supervision (availability of services, network operation, bandwidth and speeds, security, etc.),
  • System supervision (proper functioning of equipment: servers, workstations, etc.),
  • Automatic executions (e.g. software updates),
  • Sending alerts,
  • Mapping of the network and equipment to visualize at a glance the proper functioning of services and applications,
  • The creation of activity reports for greater proactivity in the management of IT systems.

Depending on the supervision solution used by the company, the IT department must sometimes multiply the tools to monitor its entire network and applications. In the interest of efficiency and optimisation of service management, IT hypervision reinforces supervision.

Hypervision: the new keystone of computer surveillance

Hypervision provides the ISD with a unique tool that brings together all the supervision services already in place. By collecting all the information gathered by the various supervision systems, hypervision makes it possible to establish correlations between the various incidents detected, and gives IT teams additional keys to solving and anticipating these problems. Thanks to this overall vision, at a more global and in-depth level than supervision, hypervision reinforces the work of the IT department.

   > Hypervision thus saves precious time, enables better analysis, understanding and processing of data and allows you to be proactive in order to avoid malfunctions that can have serious impacts on a company's activity.

With ServiceNav, Coservit offers its customers a hypervision solution that is customizable, intuitive and easy to deploy. Integrated with a ticketingThe ServiceNav solution provides a comprehensive tool for ISD and technicians to handle all incidents quickly and efficiently.

Our team, expert and passionate, accompanies you in the configuration and deployment of this hypervision solution that will allow you to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications in optimal conditions and always at the service of your business.

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