The importance of reporting in IS governance

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Large or small, a company needs a tool that allows it to ensure that the IT function is in line with the organization's strategies and objectives, and that the governance of information systems is based on the company's overall strategy.

No good IS governance without reports?

Good information system (IS) governance consists of aligning IT strategy with business strategy. It allows the company to maintain its direction to implement that strategy and achieve the goals set. This is where the reports come in and their importance.

The ServiceNav monitoring software has been developed for Simplify the management and maintenance of IT services. It delivers relevant information via reports generated in an intelligent and intelligible manner. These reports are essential to the good governance of an information system. They provide real added value and not just raw data, which are here analyzed and prioritized.

Reports adapted to each interlocutor

The reports provided by the ServiceNav monitoring tool are fully customizable. They provide management information, identify potential capacity problems and recurring incidents. The entire decision-making process is simplified by the generation of these reports.

The reports allow you to quickly and comprehensively understand the state of the IT environment, validate compliance with service levels and plan the IT investments needed to maintain and optimize the quality of these services.

An undeniable commercial added value

The data delivered has a significant added value on your business strategy.

This is one of the special features of this monitoring software: the management of higher level reports. You no longer have to sort and analyse the raw data yourself, ServiceNav does it for you. A substantial time saving allowing IT departments to focus on service efficiency and optimization.

Dashboards and reports can be adjusted according to the needs and objectives of the company. They can also be customized according to their recipients. Technical information can be delivered to IT departments while the firm's management can focus on the service weather providing them with a simple and complete inventory.

Reports on the consumption of resources for budget negotiations, identification of necessary investments, analysis of the financial impact of previous investments: these are Linking business and IT services so that they can work "hand in hand", ensure that the IT department is taking the necessary actions to deliver the stated benefits and that resources are being optimally managed.

Technical directors and business managers are gradually becoming aware of this complementarity, which is necessary for the company and its productivity. Customers, managers and other business decision-makers need to receive information that adds real value. They need to know how the services their business depends on are performing, where their resources need to be invested and focused to get the best results, and how the service delivery team is performing.

Delivering a suite of information that everyone is unable to understand and analyze adds little value, while customized reportscontaining information relevant to a given interlocutor allow each part of the company to pursue a single strategy.

The aim is to provide the reader of the report with the information they really need. Clients and project managers are looking for clear indications of what they are doing, how they are to do it and for what purpose. They help to involve everyone in a team effort, to develop relationships between the different departments of the company.

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