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IT availability and performance that saves your business time. How do we deliver this promise?

AIOps monitoring platforms combine multiple data source collection, big data architecture and machine learning, unified interface, to deliver a unique experience to users of IT production, and consumers of IT services.

The development of ServiceNav is part of this revolution and aims to provide its Customers with the latest technological innovations, to which it contributes.

Beyond innovation

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Core Architecture

Designed for the SaaS monitoring

in a multi-client, multi-site context

From the very beginning of its development -2007-, the ServiceNav product was designed for SaaS monitoring in a multi-client, multi-site context, based on simple principles: minimizing data volumes on the Internet in order to reserve bandwidth (rare at that time) for production flows, no compromise on security, making collection reliable, a data model that makes the product easy to learn and at the same time adheres to the reality of networks, fast and easy deployment and use. The platform's architecture stems from its principles: ServiceNav Box collectors as close as possible to the objects to be supervised, wherever they are on the Internet, no incoming data flows, inter-component communication bus, resumption of data exchanges in the event of a flow cut, integrated fleet updates, deployment of a ServiceNav Box in less than 15 minutes, supervision configuration without Nagios knowledge or the need for Linux expertise.

Big Data

The ServiceNav software architecture provides the foundation for a next generation
monitoring platform

The year 2015 marks a breakthrough in ServiceNav's innovation strategy. Coservit has demonstrated its know-how in a competitive market. The context of SaaS monitoring is: data, even more data, in various forms: metrics, traces, logs. This digital data provides a wealth of technical and real-time information on the health of the supervised IT assets. Our SaaS business model and our multi-tenant architecture accentuate these massive data management issues. A large part of our R&D projects are therefore focused on the issues of elasticity, robustness and self-management of distributed systems capable of supporting hybrid cloud and Big Data operating models.

As a member of the steering committee of the Minalogic competitiveness cluster, Coservit actively participates in events and actions to develop regional innovation. In this context, Coservit strives to bring together the teams of the Grenoble IT Laboratory with the R&D teams of leading manufacturers in the field of Big data analytics (Salesforce, HP Innovation Center, LIG, ...). To this end, Coservit is leading an ambitious collaborative project, Smart Support Center Following this success, which led to the creation of more than 20 jobs, the ServiceNav software architecture provides the foundations for a new-generation monitoring platform: multi-source collection, automatic discovery of the objects to be monitored, horizontal and vertical scalability to absorb, process in real time and store massive volumes of data.
Innovation bigdata


The possibilities of the Dataviz module of ServiceNav are limitless

Communicating and restoring know-how in the simplest of ways: the data contains relevant and valuable information for communicating on the performance and availability of the information system, as well as for managing its future development. From 2017, we wanted to revolutionise the way this information was produced and shared. The possibilities of the Dataviz module of ServiceNav are limitless, and go beyond the dissemination of technical information to venture into business dashboards, monitoring processes at the heart of your organisation. The innovation is in ergonomics and simplicity of design and distribution.



AIOps combines theAI
and the Big data
to automate incident detection and resolution.

The high availability of information systems requires high-performance supervision tools. The growth of connected objects and the increasing complexity of digital environments are challenging traditional IT department tools. To respond to these challenges, our project aims to develop a new generation of "AIOps" software, formalized by Gartner. AIOps combines AI and Big data to automate incident detection and resolution. Currently, 50% detections are not relevant, structurally altering the performance of support teams. On a large scale, the stakes are colossal. In 2019, Gartner sees an increase of 25% of customer requests on AIOps. This technology applies to many fields: Industry of the Future, mobility, health. We first target our respective historical markets: IT outsourcing companies and 4.0 industries.

The injection of critical analytical components into the ServiceNav architecture is already a reality, with the status prediction functionality. The challenge? to detect weak signals before the appearance of alerts. Therefore, to process these potential alerts at the right time: during the day, by mobilizing competent resources when available, minimizing the costs and disorganization associated with working outside of working hours.

At the same time, Coservit is initiating the R&D project BOOSTER 2018 (Smart Incident Detection Project). This collaborative project aims to halve the volume of false alarms, thereby improving the productivity of Service Centres. This project leads to the design and experimentation, in a representative environment, of new Big data implementations for the massive processing of new algorithms. In a context of convergence of connected objects, the complementarity of the partners allows prototyping a central platform of Artificial Intelligence to start a new generation of supervision solutions in a SaaS model and on a large scale. In addition to advancing the science of Artificial Intelligence and massive data processing, for which the regional ecosystem is already recognized, the techniques developed enable ServiceNav to differentiate its product offer on its market.

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