Integration & API

your monitoring

To take full advantage of ServiceNav's value proposition, we offer multiple integration scenarios.

, Integration & API
, Integration & API

Deliver your
IT promise

Your IT Ops processes must be flexible, fast, and adapted to your business. In the same way, a modern monitoring solution must connect to IT Ops software to ensure the agility of your organization: ITSM, CMDB, communication intranet, customer portal, Business Intelligence solutions. Beyond the technical possibilities of ServiceNav, you benefit from our field experience.

alert processing, with guaranteed traceability of actions

Automatically create an incident ticket in your ITSM software from any alert displayed in a dashboard, map or monitoring window. A wide range of software is supported: ServiceNow, pytheas, easyvista, Isilog IWS, iTop, Glpi ... and new integrations are available on a regular basis. Access the history of tickets associated with alerts: in this way, you strengthen the value of your teams primary knowledge source: your ITSM software.

, Integration & API
, Integration & API

Keeping your monitoring configuration up-to-date, a critical
challenge for IT Ops

Changes to your IT are frequent, resources are automatically provisioned in response to uncontrolled request, you have implemented DevOps processes ... Using ServiceNav API Web Services, you can meet the critical need for up-to-date monitoring : creation, modification and deletion of components. With the help of our consultants and partners, benefit from best practicesand free up time!

ServiceNav is your internal
and external customer
communication assistant

With ServiceNav Web links, share dashboards on any digital medium (company intranet, remote screen) and thus communicate, in real time, the IT Weather status of services, the computer health of a building, a store ...
Display IT Weather services and associated messages on your organization's intranet, whether it is based on Microsoft Sharepoint, WordPress, Joomla or another. We have developed numerous templates to simplify and accelerate their implementation.

, Integration & API

your computer operations

You schedule automatic tasks on your IT: server shutdown for nightly restarts, hypervisor shutdown as part of energy saving initiatives, data processing resulting in the shutdown of services ... Register these maintenances using ServiceNavs Web Services API, reducing false positives resulting from to communication failures between teams, and measure the availability applications as accurately as possible.

, Integration & API

the collection area

Collection is a fundamental part of the oversight process. Without collection, there is no capacity for monitoring, correlation, measurement. The ServiceNav approach is holistic: comprehensive catalogue of service templates to guarantee the relevance of the collection, development of generic templates to quickly onboard new products without additional code, support of Nagios compatible collection scripts, collection of data from other monitoring software to support hypervision scenarios.
Need specific collection and monitoring? Talk to us, and we can develop the relevant templates.

the data

The data collected and information produced by ServiceNav is valuable to your business. With the ServiceNav API Web Services, you can inject them into your data warehouses, correlate them, produce reports. Do you want to leverage ServiceNav information with your own business intelligence solution? Do you want to automate the synchronization of monitoring with your CMDB? With the ServiceNav Web Services API, there are no more limits to the realization of your business scenarios ...


Notifications Operations 4 - Operating 2 - Configuring

Using Action Monitoring

Technical Operation Screen

Event and notification log

Define notification policy for a service

Define a contact group

Maintenance Management

Use of action models

Setting up notification

Control your operation with the dashboards

Configuring notification contacts

Define notification policy for a host

Use of Set-aside URLs

Setting up an operating dashboard

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While the epidemic lasts, ensure the availability and performance of your IT services for teleworking, with ServiceNav!

Following the government's call to mobilize to help businesses overcome the current health and economic context, we help you, free of charge, to ensure the complete monitoring of your teleworking environments: VPN, VDI, Teams, Skype Enterprise, Citrix... Objectives: collection, availability and usage indicators, dashboards to support your communication.
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