Integration of ExaGrid equipment in the ServiceNav catalogue

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Backup storage with ExaGrid

ExaGrid offers a backup storage solution (compatible with most backup applications) in the form of an appliance that manages data deduplication in a way that guarantees very short backup and restore times.

First, the backed up data is stored in a space called the Landing Space. During the backup, the data is not processed (no on-the-fly deduplication) and is therefore copied more quickly to the Landing Space. The most recent backups are kept in raw form in this space which allows very fast restores.

In parallel, the raw data from the Landing Space is deduplicated and stored in a space called the Retention Space. Since this operation is performed in parallel, it does not impact backup times.

In short, the appliance keeps raw data for fast restores and deduplicates data in parallel to avoid impacting backup times.
Note that the appliances ExaGrid are scalable depending on the amount of data to be processed.

Integration of ExaGrid equipment in the ServiceNav catalogue

Under the leadership of our partner Soluceo and thanks to the technical expertise of ExaGrid, we have integrated 5 new service models into the ServiceNav catalogue.

To speed up the supervision of new equipment, we relied on our generic plugins. After analyzing the MIB, it turned out that the ExaGrid appliance could be fully supervised using our plugins: check_snmp_operation, check_snmp and check_snmp_oid_status.

This allowed us to quickly create the following control points:

  • ExaGrid-Status

Retrieves the current state of the ExaGrid appliance.

  • ExaGrid-DeduplicationRatio

Used to calculate the deduplication ratio. Division between the total amount of data to restore and the amount of deduplicated data.

  • ExaGrid-UsedLandingSpace

Allows you to calculate the used disk space of the Landing Space. Space where the raw backup data is stored.

  • ExaGrid-UsedRetentionSpace

Allows you to calculate the used disk space of the Retention Space. Space where the deduplicated data is stored.

  • ExaGrid-PendingReplication

Allows you to see how much data is waiting to be replicated to external storage.

These service templates will soon be available in ServiceNav version 3.17.

We would like to thank Soluceo for providing us with the necessary environments and ExaGrid for their technical support.

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