Integration with Slack: Why and How?

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At Coservit, we use ServiceNav to monitor all our internal IT as well as all the machines that run the ServiceNav SaaS platforms.

Having at heart, a high availability of platforms, it is important to have relevant, fast and correctly addressed alerts to the right teams.

We have already set up dashboards for monitoring, email and SMS alerts depending on the criticality of the services and equipment supervised. For certain alerts, we needed to warn a group of people in different teams and eventually to be able to launch a discussion on these alerts.

We had already been using the well-known enterprise messaging system Slack for several years, so we chose this tool to integrate the sending of messages from ServiceNav.

Of course, only alerts that require cross-user information across a channel are configured to send a message to the dedicated Slack channel.

The whole system is of course configured to avoid false positives with the implementation of additional controls placed at the right time.

Precise, live information that allows a quick and appropriate reaction!

Easy to set up, thanks to the "Call URL" action model

Steps to get information into Slack from ServiceNav:

Create an action model for equipment and an action model for services based on the call_url command

To do this, nothing could be easier,

  • Go to the Configuration > General > Action templates menu.
  • Add a template. Indicate its name and choose the command (call_url_service or call_url_host).
  • Then you have to fill in a URL. This is the URL of a Slack webhook:
  • Add a new Webhook to your Workspace and specify the Channel in which to send messages
  • Get the returned URL and put it in the URL field of the ServiceNav action template

You can see a working example right here:

  • Fill in the other fields of the ServiceNav action template as required (parenting, maintenance, triggering status, status type ...)

Add the action model to the relevant services/equipment

En masse or as a unit, assign the action model to the equipment or services that require it.

Start receiving messages in your Slack channel.

ServiceNav is now integrated into your Slack!

If you need assistance with the integration, do not hesitate to ask one of our consultants during a project or on

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