Service Weather: Blocking or Degrading

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We have seen on this blog in many articles, the weather services is a simple way to communicate to managers, users, support, customers, ...

Both simple to understand (sun, cloud or rain) and accurate with an availability rate, the service weather provides for each user service, each "business application", a real-time view of the health of the application at time T and over time.

This communication allows a real discharge of the support staff on a daily basis and in particular during incidents.

At the heart of communication and financial issues through SLAs, each user service must be built with accuracy and precision to deliver the right information at the right time.

The bricks of a user service and the links

A user service is a functional, business-oriented representation of a set of technical control points linked together to give them meaning.

In ServiceNav, the construction of a user service is based on 3 types of bricks :

  • equipment (is my server properly turned on?)
  • unit services (is my database accessible?)
  • and finally other user services (Is My AD available?).

These bricks must then be connected to give meaning to each control point, each piece of equipment, each user service. For this, there are two types of links: blocking or degrading. We must ask ourselves the question of the impact of a piece of equipment, a unitary service, a user service on the user service that we are building.

If I build the user service of my payroll application: Would the fact that my database is not accessible have the same impact as a full 85 % hard drive? Would the fact that there are too many users connected to the application at the same time have the same impact as a Windows service (IIS for example) that is turned off?

It is in this context that the strength of user services lies!

With degrading or blocking links, the construction of intermediate user services and complementary management rules to manage clusters, it is then possible to represent almost any application from a business point of view based on technical checkpoints.

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