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Represent application supervision

Supervising applications can pose problems of legibility of information, dependencies and alerts, when it comes to setting up a "dashboard" type representation.

This can prevent taking the right actions at the right time, as the user is drowned in unstructured information.

Where to start?

A good application mapping starts with a good structuring of the application components.

blog article is dedicated to this subject, with the example of a web application.

The widget MAP allows you to carry out different cartographies. It is ideal for mapping an application.

How can I view my application monitoring?

Depending on its nature and complexity, we can represent :

  • Data streams
    • Banking applications, B2C (collection)
    • High availability requirements (network flows)
      • the plug-in NetFlow can also be an asset in this respect
  • Application bricks grouped by technology/service rendered
    • Databases, web front-ends, web services
  • Equipment and services on a plan
    • Hospital, Datacenter, Factory, in order to quickly and physically locate the problem items.
  • Metrics
    • Technical data: ping, CPU/RAM load, disk space
    • Business data: temperature, turnover per case, ...

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How can I see it even more clearly?

The addition of images and shapes will help to structure the data presented.

Priority will be given to the use of user servicesto have a minimum of elements on the screen.

For example, one could define a user service for the databases and another for the infrastructure that carries the application. These two services make up another service, which bears the name of the application.

Depending on the needs and the number of applications to be supervised, we will choose to represent one service per application, or to go down in detail.

A few examples

Here are some examples of application mapping, carried out in ServiceNav

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