The supervision of servers at the heart of your company

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Like storage technologies and network elements (switches, routers), servers are the basic building blocks of an information system. Indeed, servers house the computing resources necessary for the smooth running of applications. By various means, servers connect to the information handled by the applications: local disks, direct SATA/SAS/SCSI connection to storage systems, connection via SAN or IP network to advanced storage systems, implementing high availability functions on the scale of a computer room, a geographical site, or several remote geographical sites.

Supervision: why, how?

Whether you are a user of IT applications, SaaS/Paas/Iaas services, server availability and performance are essential to your satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential to supervise all the hardware and software characteristics of the servers.

What are the elements to be supervised on a server?

The key points of server supervision, hardware side :

  • the temperature
  • the state of the components (fans, power supplies)
  • records
  • RAID systems
  • memory
  • processors
  • peripherals

The servers have redundant, hot-swappable components: it is therefore understandable that with continuous monitoring of the servers' hardware components and a high-performance incident handling process, permanent hardware availability of the servers is an easily achievable goal.

The key points of server supervision, software side :

  • use of random access memory
  • swap
  • storage space
  • of processors
  • network cards

For a detailed supervision of the server performance, it will be necessary to supervise the length of the queues at the level of the processors and disks. Disk supervision is also relevant because it is a determining factor in ensuring data access performance: throughput and latency of read/write operations are to be implemented as part of server supervision.

How to set up supervision on a server?

Considering the wealth of possibilities offered by server manufacturers, setting up server supervision can be a long and tedious task. This will be all the more rapid and efficient as the user of the supervision application will be able to count on a catalogue of complete service models, organized in the form of equipment models. In this respect, discover the possibilities offered by the ServiceNav catalogue.

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