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The objective of the Smart Support Center project, which has just been completed, is to create a model for a Next Generation Service Center.

The genesis of the Smart Support Center project is the meeting of an SME and a global group thanks to Minalogic, a world competitiveness cluster for Digital Technologies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The complementary nature of the various players, the common innovation topics, the collaboration with research laboratories with strong expertise in BigData technologies and a favourable regional technological ecosystem have made it possible to the launch and success of the project Smart Support Center.

What is a New Generation Service Center?

Next Generation Service Center is a Service Centre using a unified information system based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning techniques. Machine learning is the implementation of methods and technologies allowing a machine to evolve by automatic learning and thus to fulfil increasingly complex tasks.

The Next Generation Service Center should make it possible to control TCO production tools in a context of a strong increase in the volume of data and the rise of connected objects (IoT).

What are the results of the Smart Support Center project?

Concrete results:
- Cloud Coservit software offer combining supervision and ticketing
- Production management of customer supervision flows in a Big Data Cloud platform

Current achievements :
- Migration of the Cloud Coservit solution to a Big Data Analytics technical architecture
- An intelligent prediction system to anticipate failures
- Integration of the first models for predictive maintenance
- Extending our model to other markets (IoT)
- A recommendation system that correlates supervision and ticketing data

The lines of research that are being pursued:
- Application of search models to real data
- (Semi-)automatic update of the supervision policy

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