Scheduled maintenance on 26/11 from 17:30

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In order to provide you with ever more availability and performance, and to deal with a capacity issue, we are performing a history data relocation on the Viadéis™ SaaS Services platform. This maintenance operation was prepared for a long time, but we had to anticipate its realization today. We apologize for the late notice.

This maintenance operation is planned November 26, 2015 from 5:30 pm on this platform. We are exceptionally carrying out this operation at the end of the day in order to ensure its full success. We estimate that it will last about four hours.

We anticipate that during this time slot, the flow of history messages from the Viadéis™ Services Box for supervision to the Viadéis™ Services SaaS platform will be stopped for the duration of the operation. Therefore, during this period, viewing of status and performance data histories will not be possible.

All other operations on the platform will be possible. The supervision service at the Viadéis™ Services Box level (notification, data collection) will not be impacted at all. You will be able to browse the application without any problem.

We remain at your disposal for any question, and thank you for your understanding.

The Viadéis™ Services team

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