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Use Service Weather to map your Nutanix cluster architecture

Your Nutanix cluster tightly integrates processing, storage, networking, and virtualization components.

The ServiceNav Service Weather feature allows you to graphically model your Nutanix Cluster.

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Through your weather services that you have configured by following our recommendationsIf you have a Nutanix Cluster, you will be able to map the different components of your Nutanix Cluster identically:


In the event of an alert on one of the components of your Nutanix cluster, you will be able to mobilize the appropriate resources and skills to resolve the problem and get back to normal as soon as possible.

The advantage of such a model is that, in case of an alert, you can directly access the "root cause" of a degradation or a blockage of the Nutanix Cluster. The graphical visualization of the service weather gives this view in 2 clicks.

The capture below clearly shows that this degradation is due to a Critical alert in Pool Usage 1 of Container 1.

You are able to mobilize the appropriate teams to work on your Nutanix storage and increase your chances of resolving the problem and getting back to normal quickly.

Reproduce your Nutanix services weather through our Dashboard map module by following the procedure next

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