Hypervision mode: PRTG integration by ServiceNav

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Changing a monitoring solution can seem complex and a step that can sometimes take a long time to implement. To facilitate this process for its customers and prospects, Coservit integrates PRTG's checkpoints into its ServiceNav solution. ServiceNav is therefore used as a hypervisor.

The integration of PRTG by ServiceNav

With the multiplication of IT tools and services, supervision is becoming more complex and it is not always easy to find a solution that takes into account all the needs of a company. To address this issue, Coservit has developed tools for its ServiceNav supervision solution that allow it to integrate existing PRTG control points at its customers' sites and display them on a single supervision platform.

This unique dashboard is notably represented by "Service Weather", ServiceNav's flagship feature.

ServiceNav: an optimised hypervision solution

In response to a request from our client Tibco Services ( which wanted to continue monitoring some of its equipment via PRTG, Coservit developed an additional functionality in its ServiceNav solution to integrate the monitoring information collected by PRTG. For Tibco Services, this new method has several advantages:

=> A time saving in terms of deployment of the new supervision solution thanks to the integration of already existing control points.
=> A smooth migration that allows the IT department to benefit from all the advantages of ServiceNav: user service weather, availability rate (SLA), current status of business applications and business reporting while relying on PRTG.
=> Ease of use and simplicity of communication for the ISD, which can consult on the single ServiceNav platform the information collected by the various supervision systems, display the weather of the services and generate adapted reports, share the weather with users and/or management on an intranet (via APIs).

ServiceNav: a solution that adapts to the needs of its customers

To meet the needs of its customers who wish to maintain their existing control base while benefiting from ServiceNav's business- and service-oriented supervision (service weather, business applications, customised reports, etc.), Coservit's teams quickly developed the tools needed to integrate PRTG with ServiceNav.
=> This hypervision orientation of ServiceNav brings new perspectives for the development of the solution in order to best meet the needs of its customers.

Supervision is thus simplified for the IT department, which can, according to its needs, choose the PRTG control points to be integrated into ServiceNav in order to take advantage of the various modules and differentiating features with high added value of the ServiceNav solution.

Our team, expert and passionate, accompanies you in the configuration and deployment of this hypervision solution that will allow you to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications in optimal conditions and always at the service of your business.

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