Service Weather Modeling for VMware Infrastructure

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What is the benefit of modeling your VMware infrastructure with the ServiceNav monitoring tool?

Using a service weather for VMWare

Using ServiceNav's "Service Weather" feature will allow you to graphically model your VMWare virtualized environment.
This will allow you to retrieve availability metrics and graphically analyze root causes in case of problems.

In order to realize this service weather forecast, it is necessary to first put the VMware hypervisor devices and services under supervision (cf:

In a VMware infrastructure there is usually a farm of ESX servers, datastores and a VCenter that allows you to have a centralized view of your architecture.

To model this weather as well as possible, the following elements must be supervised:

DataStore monitoring

From your VCenter, add the model VMware-Datacenter-Host-HardwareHealth.

Rq: If you have several datastores, you must instantiate this model several times.

Monitoring an ESX farm

For each ESX server it is advisable to supervise the following elements:

To monitor the health of your ESX servers it is recommended to use the following 2 models:

VMware-Datacenter-Host-HardwareHealth This checkpoint allows to get the health status directly from the VCenter knowing that the refresh rate is better than querying the ESX directly
VMware-ESX-Hardware Directly on the ESX in case the VCenter is not working.

Note: You can also use other control points available in our catalogue if you wish. (see

Supervision of the VCenter

- Ping the equipment
- If the VCenter is a Windows VM then you need to monitor the OS of this VM (virtual machine) and test the http access to the VCenter console.
- If it's a VMware appliance, just test the different ports used to connect to the VCenter console.

Example of service weather:

Here we see the root cause related to a hardware failure of the ESX2Request a demonstration of the ServiceNav software

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