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Network monitoring refers to the monitoring of the proper functioning of computer networks and IT services connected to these networks.
The monitoring of the network focuses specifically on the quality (bandwidth) and security of the Internet connection but also, by extension, to the state of the connected services and equipment: servers, printers, workstations, etc.

The challenges of network monitoring

A network architecture is the backbone of any enterprise infrastructure. The continuous monitoring of its computer network is essential, a network failure can lead to a detrimental loss of business for the company. For your information, a network that is unavailable or difficult to access 1% of the time means 87 hours of work per employee impacted.
It is therefore essential to be able to detect the risks of incidents or the optimizations to be made before any technical failure of the network. The monitoring of the network activity also allows to be correctly informed in case of problem and to implement the right action plan quickly.


ServiceNav  provides tools to monitor your network at two points:

  • Technical analysis and failure detection
  • Bandwidth usage analysis

Technical analysis and failure detection

A technical failure can be fatal, that's why it is essential to be able to detect the risks of incident before any failure.

ServiceNav provides sensors that report statistics related to your network interfaces to detect any degradation that could cause a network failure.

IT Weather Services

Set up your service weather and be proactive in accessing the cause of network degradation and correcting the source of the problem before the technical failure:

Dashboard Mapping

Use the DATAVIZ from  ServiceNav and configure a map-like dashboard with service weather elements associated with status and performance indicators:

Bandwidth usage analysis

ServiceNav provides a detailed view of your network traffic to identify the users, applications and protocols that consume bandwidth. This visibility then allows you to configure bandwidth usage policies, optimize your return on ISP costs, and ensure adequate bandwidth for your mission-critical applications and services.

Depending on the technology, use the service models NetFlow or sFlow and configure dashboards to monitor your bandwidth usage in real time:

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