Naturex supervises its IS on an international scale with Coservit's ServiceNav solution.


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As an expert in the plant world, Naturex aims to actively contribute to the global transition from synthetic to natural products, thanks to an offer focused on the food, health and beauty markets. Natural colorants and antioxidants, fruit and vegetable specialties, phytoactives, and many other plant-based ingredients make up Naturex's offer, and contribute to the development of healthy, authentic and effective products.

Founded in 1992, the Group, whose head office is historically located in Avignon, France, has grown steadily over the past twenty years and employs 1700 people in some thirty countries.

David Pekmez, Head of Infrastructure in the group, explains why that led him to choose the ServiceNav monitoring tool and the benefits he has gained since its deployment.

The context, the needs

Naturex is a full Microsoft account that uses the SCOM monitoring tool. To complete this solution, the company chose the ServiceNav tool to supervise its entire IS, identify and anticipate critical incidents more quickly while improving internal communication.

What were the main challenges of Naturex's IS when you discovered and chose ServiceNav?

"Naturex's IS has 1250 users. We operate in a 100% Microsoft environment with various cloud services such as Office 365 and Sharepoint.

We needed a simple solution that gives the right information at the right time with a view of all our infrastructures and applications in different countries.

We were already using SCOM, but this tool provides a lot of technical information, a large number of alerts that are often complicated to find, especially for those who are not IT experts. We therefore needed a tool that would provide reliable feedback between true and false alerts.

Why did you choose ServiceNav instead of another tool? How did it enable you to meet the challenges you faced?

"Naturex launched a consultation and studied the tools proposed by EON. Coservit was the best choice in terms of functionality and cost. The solution is robust, stable and quickly deployable. Today, we rely on two technologies in parallel, but our monitoring entry point is ServiceNav. Thanks to greater proactivity, we benefit from better monitoring and team productivity is optimized.

One of the strengths of the solution is the simplicity of the product. ServiceNav is as easy to implement as it is to use. In just two weeks, thanks to the support and responsiveness of Coservit's teams, the solution was deployed. 

We were looking for an easy-to-use solution with value-added reporting to measure and report on the availability of IT infrastructure and services.

In addition, we wanted to be able to obtain a service level per country and a global service level."

What is the added value of the ServiceNav solution for your teams?

"ServiceNav has become an internal communication tool. The instrument panels intuitive and customizable, making it easy for teams to understand.

Thanks to the weather servicesThe business has a very visual representation of the availability of services. This changes the way we look at things. We are taking a proactive approach by providing information, and moreover, by site and by service. We're moving away from the classic vision of a support department.

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