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A new report in ServiceNav: User Services Availability Report by Day.

The objective of this report is to provide a very macro view of the availability of all User Services, by day and for a selected period.

From a usage point of view, the objective for an operations manager will be to have green boards, a sign that everything is operational in time.

The content of the report

The report includes one to three tables depending on the selected period (one month per table). These tables indicate, for each user service and each day of the month, either the availability rate over the day, or the time in the displayed status, or the number of times in the status, the status being indicated by the color of the box :

Green if the user service has never been in alert (cloud) or critical (rain) status all day.
Grey if, during the day, the user service has remained in unknown status all day (question mark), without any change to alert status (cloud) or critical status (rain).
Orange if, during the day, the user service has had at least one change to alert status (cloud) and no change to critical status (rain).
Red if, during the day, the user service has had at least one passage in critical status (rain).

The report settings

This report is available for both external and internal customer fleets. It can be applied to a month or a quarter. The information in the report can be filtered by company or site and user services can be selected by category or individually.

The particularity of this report is that it is possible for an administrator to customize the content and colors by modifying the query that retrieves the data from the User Services.

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