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An agile approach to continuous improvement.

The combined talents of Coservit's collaborators bring together a collective expertise expressed in many ways, with the objective of designing an evolving platform, in an agile approach of continuous improvement, bringing to its users time saving, quality of service and steering reinforced.

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First of all, to know how to analyze the needs of the supervision market, to determine the key scenarios that will help our Customers, actors of the availability and the performance of the information system they are in charge of, to overcome the daily problems they encounter. This requires a strong ability to understand needs, to listen, to put them into perspective in a more global approach of communication, quality of service, and team transformation in anticipation of or in response to changes in business organizations.


Proper monitoring of market-leading technologies is also essential: whether it is Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP cloud platforms, or traditional technologies hosted in proprietary data centers, it is necessary to know these technologies, to determine the necessary and sufficient service models to monitor the health, performance and capacity of the committed resources.

The restitution in the form of graphic dashboards is at least as important as the collection phase: beyond the predefined dashboard models, we constitute a solid base of several dozen concrete examples, source of inspiration to define the faithful restitution of your information system.

The architecture of the ServiceNav platform favours an AIOps approach, in which the analytical axis is predominant. The analyses produced by the platform must be adapted and useful to the needs of the users, the maturity of the organizations, without forgetting the necessary economic requirement: the perfect knowledge of the IT services production business is therefore essential.

In this field, the expertise is diverse: traditional and Cloud architectures, products, protocols and monitoring technologies, IT organizations and methods strongly inspired by the ITIL framework, data analysis, ergonomics. 

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Built from the ground up to address the multiple challenges of large-scale SaaS monitoring, the ServiceNav monitoring platform combines multiple state-of-the-art technologies in all facets of its architecture: collection, microservices, real-time processing and storage of unlimited volumes of data, fault tolerance, immediate adaptability to fluctuations in data communication and application activities, analytical engines, and artificial intelligence.

Mastering these technologies is essential, especially in a truly big data production environment, which only a SaaS monitoring platform can offer.

As the ServiceNav platform is also marketed as an installation in proprietary data centers, the industrialization phases are also crucial, and require special expertise in order to support a relevant economic equation for our customers: automatic installation and upgrades, consolidation of technologies on a limited number of compute nodes.

The availability of new versions primarily in a SaaS environment requires acceptance phases and, more generally, Quality Assurance using the best practices in the field.

Without the right tools and methods, this expertise cannot be fully expressed. Coservit has adopted Agile methods for more than ten years, has implemented an integrated software production tool, covering the entire spectrum of software processes, and has instituted DevOps practices.

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Coservit is the operator of the ServiceNav monitoring platform marketed in Cloud mode, and uses ServiceNav to monitor this Cloud service. As such, we owe performance and availability to the users of this service.

We are also responsible for monitoring and application availability of ServiceNav monitoring platforms hosted in proprietary data centers.

As a Cloud operator, through this commitment at every moment, we use the software we publish on a daily basis. Our teams act as our customers do. We pursue the same goal. We share the same culture with our customers. And this brings us closer together.

Our teams deploy their expertise on a daily basis to serve our clients. But above all, passion on the subject, and permanent exchanges with our Clients and Partners in order to build the most useful monitoring platform for the conduct of their business.

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