Application performance: when technical supervision and application supervision become one

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In IT, IT monitoring began with the monitoring of internal servers and more recently hosted servers and IaaS and PaaS services. This supervision is essential and gives the technical teams great diagnostic means: CPU, Ram, Services, Network, Hardware, OS, Database, Applications, ...

This is often enough to know if an application is functional, or even degraded in terms of usage, and the service weather proposed by ServiceNav illustrates well to the users this functioning: whether it is in OK, degraded or interrupted state.

Despite functioning as expected from a "technical" point of view, with a set of elements within the standards, it happens that some users express slowness when executing some specific tasks. Or more generally, it may be interesting to see if an application is available from a "user" perspective.

This is when "synthetic monitoring" or "supervision by application scenario" comes into play and will be linked to the supervision of the information system.

Thanks to the new partnership between Coservit and ip-label, ServiceNav now integrates ip-label's products: Datametrie and Newtest!

The results of the application scenarios executed by Datametrie or by Newtest can be fed back into ServiceNav in a few clicks, without any additional development. It is then possible to integrate the status of the scenarios in the ServiceNav service weather forecasts and to compare the application performance with the server performance in order to have an accurate diagnosis.

A clear vision for users

By integrating "synthetic monitoring" bricks within the service weather forecast, it is possible to give users a clear and precise vision of the functioning of their application. The supervision of the application by Datametrie or Newtest becomes, in the same way as the IT supervision, a dependency of the service weather.

The application is completely unavailable or slowed down on the supervised scenarios? The alert is given in the service weather!

The database or an essential service is stopped with an impact for the users? The alert is given in the service weather!

Further analysis for technical teams

It is difficult for an application manager to identify the cause of certain slowness reported by users, especially when it is not permanent (do you really know users who give you the precise time and action of the slowness?)

By putting application monitoring on a specific scenario, it is possible to compare execution times with technical indicators and to more easily identify the cause of slowness.

With ServiceNav and Dataviz dashboards, this can be done in a few minutes without any difficulty. This saves time for the technical teams and comfort for the users.

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