Find all the service models dedicated to the supervision of your JAVA Application.

Service Templates

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Collection of service models allowing to supervise the Java memory pool, the heap memory, the detection of deadlocked threads, the number of sessions per minute. Contact the editor for any question during the implementation.

Available from version 3.13


Controls the execution data of a JVM or Java application supporting the JMX protocol.

This control allows to alert if the values obtained exceed thresholds or correspond or not to a regular expression.

This control also allows to invoke an operation on the MBean, after the collection (to reset statistical data for example).

Configuration: JMX service URL, object to control, attribute and possibly key to control, alert thresholds, operation to invoke, unit of measurement, JMX supervision account,

Available from version 3.13


Available from version 3.13


Available from version 3.13



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