Find all service templates dedicated to the supervision of your ServiceNav ServiceNav.

Service Templates

BOX mode


Collects the number of statuses returned by a ServiceNav dashboard of type "Status List", for UNKNOWN, OK, WARNING, CRITICAL statuses, and changes status based on the thresholds applied.

Configuration: target ServiceNav platform URL, login/password of a ServiceNav user who can consult the dashboard, dashboard id, filter to be applied on services and/or devices, free text to be displayed in the feedback, alert and critical thresholds for each status (Warning, Critical, Unknown).

BigData feeds must be installed and active on the source ServiceNav platform.

Available from version 4.14


Verification of a Viadéis Services Box: this service model verifies that the Viadéis Services Box sends information to the Viadéis Services Web site. If the information is out of date, the status of the equipment and the control points are set to Unknown. Configuration: enter the name of the unique box defined in the Viadéis Services Web site, enter the data freshness period.

Available from version 3.13


Checks the status of the supervision process and notifies in case of failure. 

Available from version 3.13


Service model that systematically returns a positive state.

Available from version 3.13

Synchronization box

Test the synchronization of the box with the supervision platform. 

Available from version 3.13

AGENT mode


Checks the correct operation of the Windows VSUpdateAgent service

Available from version 3.13

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