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Service Templates

BOX mode


Produces a random status and associated output text. If the output text associated with an output status is empty, the output status is CRITICAL. The status can change with each new check. If no text is specified, the status of the check is unknown. Configuration : Output text for an OK status, output text for a WARNING status, output text for a CRITICAL status, output text for an UNKNOWN status.

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Produces an integer or real random value between a minimum and a maximum value, compared to thresholds. The value may change with each new control. Configuration : output format, unit (integer / actual), minimum value, maximum value.

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Executes the personal plugin passed as a parameter with the provided arguments.
This plugin is executed under the responsibility of the user who sets it up.
Product support is limited to the launch of the plugin passed in parameter.
No product support on plugins passed in parameter
Configuration Plugin name and parameter.

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