new version 1.6

Viadéis Services new version 1.6


New service models

Typing of arguments registered in unit services, allowing now: syntax and semantic checking, and simplified mass configuration.

New service models

  • Allied Telesys Switch (CPU, RAM, UPTIME, Interface network traffic)
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases (backup status, number of users, connection time, disk space remaining per instance)
  • HP MSA 2000 G2/G3 storage array, FC2120 (Physical and virtual disk status, CPU, port status, ...)
  • IBM AS400 job and subsystem monitoring
  • IBM Blade : hardware supervision (Blowers, power supply, blades status, temperature)
  • IBM AIX operating system (CPU, RAM, disk space)
  • IBM xSeries servers (hardware events on event log, fans, power supplies, temperature, general health)
  • APC - PDU - status
  • PCA - TTY - Status
  • Sequoia sensor (temperature, humidity and light)
  • Generic SNMP request


  • Improvement of the display performance service weather pages, technical operation and home page
  • Automatic height resizing of configuration pop-ups and massive configuration
  • Field verification during form entry
  • Deployment of optimized Nagios configuration on all platforms
  • Evolution of the service models to take into account the SNMP version


  • Inconsistency in the technical operation following the name change of a Viadéis Services Box.
  • Acknowledged problem lines that have not been turned green in the technical evaluation.
  • The "duplicate order" function does not work.
  • Error when duplicating a command that contains a
  • Service EXCHANGEQueueStatus: Changed the service template output text (KB instead of MB)

Service Templates

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