New version 2.12

Dependency mapping of user services



In summary

In this version, more than 120 functional, technical and corrective developments have been made. This update will be deployed Tuesday 17/03 at 8pm.

This operation will last maximum 120 minutes.

Connection to the application will not be possible during this period.

The supervision service (notification, data collection) will not be impacted at all.

You will find below the details of this new version.



Web App

  • [User services] Dependency mapping. To open the map click directly on the weather icon of the services (Sun, Cloud, Rain). This new feature allows you to see at a glance the blocking elements for the operation of your IT services.
  • Reporting] Performance report available in csv. It also includes peak time !
  • Industrialization of the service model repository in order to update non-SaaaS platforms faster.
  • Commands] Export the definition of a command in JSON format via the web interface.

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service templates :

  • [Plug-in] Generic sensor SNMP counter
  • [Plug-in] Citrix:
    • max. login time
    • average login time
  • [Plug-in] Zimbra - service status
  • Plug-in] Generic linux command: allows to execute a command and to search for a character string in its return.
  • [Plug-in] Alcatel OmniAccess Wireless Controller
    • External cards status
    • Signal noise ratio for access points
    • Radio usage for access points
    • Access points status
    • Connected users
    • License status
    • License status
    • Power supply status
    • Fan status
    • Memory usage
    • Flash memory usage
    • CPU load
    • Temperature
    • Inventory
  • MS-WIN-DHCP [Plug-in]: Support for Windows Server 2012 devices
  • [Plug-in] Oracle:
    • Process Utilization Rate
    • Data Buffer Cache Usage Rate
    • Library Cache Usage Rate
    • Dictionary cache usage rate
    • Rate of obtaining locks
    • Reload rate in APG
    • Sort ratio in memory in the PGA area
    • Number of objects with obsolete statistics
    • Free space fragmentation index for all tables
    • Index of fragmentation of the free space of a table
    • Input-output balance on data files for all tables
    • Input-output balance on the data files of a table
    • Ratio of the number of data files to the maximum number for a database
    • Free disk space flash restore area
    • Collecting the soft parse ratio indicator
  • [Plug-in] Infoblox DDI Trinzic:
    • Inventory
    • Node replication state
    • Status of hardware and software services
    • Number of responses with invalid port and TxIDs
    • Counters for DNS queries on non-existent records
    • Counters for DNS queries on non-existent domains
    • Counters for failed DNS queries
    • Latency of authoritative DNS responses
    • Latency of non-authoritative DNS responses
    • Number of responses with invalid port
    • Number of responses with invalid txID
    • Number of DHCP requests received
    • Memory usage rate
    • DHCP Lease Utilization Rate
    • CPU utilization rate
    • Temperature
  • [Plugin] EMC:
    • Checking the event log
    • Checking the status of the encryption key
    • Checking the status of data replication sessions
    • Checking the status of HyperV data stores
    • Checking the status of Microsoft Exchange 2010 virtual disks
    • Checking the Status of Microsoft Exchange 2007 Virtual Disks
    • Checking the status of Microsoft Exchange 2010 assets
    • Checking the status of Microsoft Exchange 2007 resources
    • Checking the status of VMWare VMFS Datastore
    • Checking the status of NFS VMWare datastore
    • Checking the status of iSCSI virtual disks
    • Checking the status of file shares
    • Checking the status of network ports
    • Checking the status of iSCSI nodes
    • Checking the status of file-sharing servers
    • Checking license status by feature

Viadéis™ Agent Services

  • [Plug-in] [Agent] NTBackup Backup Tracking

Viadéis™ API Services

  • Web Service] Add maintenance
  • [Web Service] Change a maintenance
  • [Web Service] Delete a maintenance
  • [Web Service] List Maintenance



Web App

  • Reporting] [Performance] Ability to output a report without displaying the availability rate. Example: output a report only on the status of the backups.
  • Census] Evolution of the insertion of the census to retrieve the following information :
    • Number of cores
    • RAM Size

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • [Plug-in] Evolution of getStatus for the retrieval of thresholds in the CoservitAPI library
  • Plug-in] MS-WIN-Counter-CurrentUsage
  • Plug-in] MS-WIN-Counter-TSE-TotalSessions
  • DHCP [Plug-in]: Add thresholds and take into account particular zones

Viadéis™ Agent Services

  • Plugin] [Agent] Symantec Backup: Added scheduling parameter

Viadéis™ API Services

  • [Web Service] Evolution of web services to prepare the next version of the mobile application

Service Templates

Florian Mattes
Product Manager ServiceNav

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