New version 2.13

Delete elements from the technical evaluation


In summary

In this version, more 100 functional and technical evolutions and patches have been made. This update will be deployed Wednesday 15/04 at 8pm.

This operation will last maximum 120 minutes.

Connection to the application will not be possible during this period.

The monitoring service (notification, data collection) will not be impacted at all.

You will find below the details of this new version.



Web App

  • [Organization] Replacement of contract management by VIP level
  • [Technical Operation] Delete one or more items

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - packet transfer engine memory load
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - CPU load of the packet transfer engine
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - routing engine memory load
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - routing engine CPU load
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - inventory
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - operational status of components
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - temperature
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - stream session rates
  • [Plug-in] JUNIPER SRX - CP session rates
  • [Plug-in] VMware - age of snapshots on a vCenter
  • [Plug-in] VMware Snapshot Count on a vCenter
  • [Plug-in] Vmware Snapshots: Blacklist argument added

Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • [Plug-in][Agent] NTBackup monitoring


Web App

  • [Resencement] Possibility to launch a census from the detail sheet of an equipment:
  • [Census] Evolution of the census insertion to retrieve the following information at the equipment record level:
    • Number of hearts
    • RAM size
    • Disk size
  • [Localization] import of English service model descriptions / arguments
  • [Reporting] Evolution of the management of custom report templates
  • [External Connection] Create a form to configure them

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • [Plug-in] Dell SMCli Update
  • [Plug-in][Box] Adaptation of plug-ins defined for HP MSA P2000 devices to HP MSA 2324sa devices
  • [Plug-in][Box] Adaptation of plug-ins defined for HP MSA P2000G3 FC/iSCSI devices
  • [Plug-in][Box] test 360 SMTP - argument anonymization + separate SMTP server specification

Service Templates

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