ServiceNav 3.12

Mass import of sites/Boxes - Easy box creation - Summary of operating information



In summary

Need to speed up your multi-site and/or multi-box configuration?

With version 3.12.0, it is now possible toimporting boxes and sites en massefrom a CSV file.

Do you want to identify the supervised objects in your park that frequently generate alerts, or that are the least available?

new report has been added: Summary of operating information. This report in XLS format makes it possible to highlight the equipment and/or services that regularly present alerts.

Did you find the process of creating ServiceNav Box too long and error-prone?

Everything is now done on the website, in complete autonomy, and in one click.

Finally, the effort to location of English language plug-ins continues.

About 40 functional evolutions, technical evolutions and patches have been realized.

The update on ServiceNav SaaS will be communicated separately.

You will find below the details of this new version.

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