ServiceNav 3.14

Reporting language - User management - Plug-ins


In summary

For this new version, more evolutions for ServiceNav.

Do you want to get the reports out in English? 

This is now possible with the choice of language in the output of a report.

language selection ServiceNav EN

Do you want to simplify and better control user management?

From now on, only roles with the Manage users" topology are authorized to manage user accounts. In addition, it is now possible to create, view and modify users with a role of the same level as your own. This right is active by default on the RPC_ADMIN, RPC_ADMIN_SUPPORT and SIG_ADMIN profiles.

Do you want to analyse your fleet's operating data in more detail?

The report " Summary of operating information "The "Unknown" and "Indeterminate" states are now displayed along with the time spent in these states.

But also

A new notification method appears: The syslog notification

The goal is to allow the ServiceNav user to consolidate all notifications into a centralized syslog server for processing or archiving.

This feature will soon be the subject of a blog post.

Finally, the effort to location of English language plug-ins continues.

About 90 functional evolutions, technical evolutions and patches have been realized.

The update on ServiceNav SaaS will be communicated separately.

SN meteo SaaS

Since a few weeks, our SaaS customers have had access to the SaaS platform services weatheron our support portal

Any authenticated user can view the availability information of the SaaS platform in addition to their current support requests.

We have put this indicator in place to ensure transparency and to proactively inform in case of an incident on the platform.

ServiceNav weather forecast

Don't wait any longer to follow your requests from this portal! If you don't have an account, you can ask for one to be created at our assistance (, a simple email address is enough.

You will find below the details of this new version.

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