ServiceNav 4.1

New widgets and Dataviz features, numerous plug-ins


new widgets and features - the end of the carousel

The ServiceNav, introduced in version 4.0is now isoperimeter in relation to the dashboard carousel.

It is therefore possible (and recommended!), in a few clicks, to migrate your dashboards into a Dataviz.

This can be an opportunity to question and optimize your control screens, using the new possibilities brought by Dataviz.


Widget: Status list

ServiceNav's essential dashboard has been redesigned as a widget to become a more efficient operating tool.

Multi-column sorting, show/hide columns, acknowledgement, details and number of an attached ticket, resize columns, paginated view, full-screen mode ... the only thing it doesn't do (yet) is coffee!


Widget: Map

The geographical map has been added to the widget library. This widget combines the "Equipment (map)" and "Weather services (map)" content models and is based on the latter, with a more up-to-date user interface


Widget: Park tracking by family

Widget porting of the historical dashboard, for high-level multi-site/multi-client monitoring


Widget: Park tracking by category

Widget porting of the historical dashboard, for the supervision of a customer or internal perimeter, by theme (disk, CPU, ...) or area of expertise (application, infrastructure, system)

Find these new widgets in detail in the widget library.

Duplicate dashboard

The duplication of a Dataviz dashboard is now proposed, via a button. During the duplication, it is possible to modify the name.

Timed scrolling

It is now possible to launch the timed display of a list of Dataviz dashboards, using a button present in RUN mode.

The delay before the dashboard change is configurable in the ServiceNav administration: 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes

Add an image as a widget title

The title area of a widget can now contain an image. This is very relevant for the supervision of specific applications or technologies, which will be easily recognizable by their logo, within the dashboard. Only the link is filled in, the images must be hosted on a third party web space and accessible to the users displaying the widget.

Public/Private mode

When creating a Dataviz dashboard, it is now possible to select the "private" mode. A dashboard in private mode will only be visible to the user who created it, and can contain private content templates (for example a status list, defined as "private" in Configuration > Reporting).


End of ServiceNav Box support in Ubuntu 12.04

As we announced in the release note of our version 4.0 The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version on which the ServiceNav Boxes were based is no longer updated and supported since April 2017 and the total support of these boxes will be stopped according to the announced plan (no more updates of the ServiceNavBoxes as of 01/06, no more information feedback as of 01/09).

To help you anticipate this migration and know the number of boxes to migrate, we will add a checkpoint on all the auto-supervision indicating the version of the OS of the box.

  • In CRITICAL (Red) if the ServiceNavBox is based on Ubuntu 12.04
  • In OK (Green) if the ServiceNavBox is based on Ubuntu 16.04

Important This will have an impact on your dashboards, depending on their configuration, which will show alerts following the version upgrade. These alerts correspond to the SNB in version 12.04 associated with your sites and/or customers.

For our customers monitoring several dozen/hundred customer boxes, and if the boxes are not migrated, this can have a significant impact on the display of dashboards and elements to be taken into account by the incident monitoring teams.

Since the previous version, we offer a script to facilitate this migration. Let yourself be guided by the documentation.

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