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ServiceNav Box - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS migration

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We offer the possibility to migrate your ServiceNav Box to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
The operation is performed directly from the interface, no provisioning is necessary.

Responding to feedback following the previous OS upgrade (12.04 → 16.04), we were keen to deliver a much more packaged solution, allowing for effortless and mass updating.

Where previously it was necessary to provision a second box in order to migrate the configuration from the current ServiceNav Box, you are now able to launch the upgrade from the ServiceNav interface for suitable ServiceNav boxes.

Our teams have worked hard to bring you this easy migration, and we are proud of it.

However, there are a few precautions to be taken and you should be aware of them before undertaking the procedure on your ServiceNav Box.

>> Follow the guide!

The ServiceNav Box Ubuntu 20.04 - 4.17 master will be available in a few days on our usual download area, to facilitate your future ServiceNav Box installations.


Configuration - Displaying the "ID" column

In order to assist you in the use of mass import/update activities, and when using the APIs, we we now display the IDs associated with the main elements of the application:

When browsing the Configuration menu, an ID column is available (hidden by default) on the following lists:

  • Hosts > List
  • Services > List
  • Hosts > Templates
  • Services > Templates
  • General > Timeslots
  • General > Contacts
  • General > Tags
  • General > Actions templates
  • Hosts > Categories

Obsolescence of service templates

End-of-life service templates (replaced by more generic ones or adapted to support newer versions of the target host/application) are now identified as depreciatedand can no longer be used to with a service (either creation or modification).

The templates associated with services already deployed are of course preserved, in order to guarantee the continuity of your monitoring operations.

The description of deprecated templates has been updated to point you to the most suitable replacement template.

For this version, the templates affected are :

MS-Veeam Agent-Status



Detail sheet - Metric tab - Search on metric name


It is now possible to search the list of metricsin the detail record of a host or service.
This is particularly useful on checks that return a large number of metrics, and where the names of the metrics are likely to change over time (the old names remaining historical and therefore visible).


ARTIS v3 Integration - Enable field mapping by label

ARTIS logo web

Several improvements were made to theintegration with ITSM Artis v3 :

  • The default value of the "codeOrgInt" field can now relate to the tag assigned to the host associated with the alert (or the service that triggered the alert)
  • The default value of the "domain code" field can now relate to the tag assigned to the host associated with the alert (or the service that triggered the alert)

Akuitéo integration - Manage criticality and link to an existing ticket


Several improvements were made to theintegration with the ITSM Akuitéo :

  • Linking an acknowledgment to an existing ticket
  • Include instructions in the text of the alert
  • Management of the default criticality (configurable in the connection)

Complete list of developments

VSWA-27670 Akuitéo integration - Management of criticality and link to an existing ticket.
VSWA-28383 Detail sheet - Metric tab - Possibility to filter by metric name
VSWA-28840 Obsolete models - depreciation
VSWA-29833 Commands - Optimizing the command line display
VSWA-28863 Configuration - Displaying the "ID" column
VSWA-27638 ARTIS v3 Integration - Enable field mapping by label
VSWA-28952 [Box] SN-Hypervision - check_api_sn_hypervision - simplify output text
VSWA-22840 [Box] Riverbed-Connections - check_snmp_riverbed_connections
VSWA-22838 [Box] Riverbed-bwpassthrough - check_snmp_riverbed_bwpassthrough
VSWA-29903 [Box] - Do not verify HTTPS certificate
VSWA-29434 Global-API-Value + Global-API-Status - check_generic_api_value + check_generic_api_text - Authentication in the Header
VSWA-28914 [Box] ESET_Nod32_update: WinRM / WinRMS collection method
VSWA-28495 - new template and new argument to handle all escape cases
VSWA-28193 [Box] Global-Api-Value and Global-Api-Status: support for the cookie authentication mechanism
VSWA-28293  [Box] Global-API-Status and Global-API-Value - URL support with KO certificate
VSWA-28234 [Box] Global-API-Status + Global-API-Value - check_generic_api_text + check_generic_api_text - Different URLs for Auth and Call endpoints
VSWA-27378 Network_traffic_Plus* models: timeout not configurable and too short (15 seconds)
VSWA-26141 [Box] - HTTPS support
VSWA-29372 [Box] Global-SNMPv3-Table-Value - check_snmpv3_table_value - Make the cache unique for each service

Complete list of patches

VSWA-30082 [BIRT] Summary of Operational Information - Inaccurate Availability Rate
VSWA-30338 [BIRT] Availability report - a request blocks
VSWA-29259 [Box] Office365-Generic - improved rounding output 2 digits after the decimal point
VSWA-29095 check_snmp_checkpoint_rejectedpackets - Command not created
VSWA-29450 [box] check_orion_alert - incomplete alert message if critical or warning status
VSWA-29281 [Box] check_cli_azure_resources_status : the "mode" parameter is forced to lower case
VSWA-29268 [Box] HP-Proliant-HardwareStatus-iLO - check_ilo2_health
VSWA-29845 Veeam-Job-Status - - Managing false output
VSWA-29428 Global-SNMPv3-Table-Value - check_snmpv3_table_value lacks the -uniq argument '$SERVICEDESC$' at command level.
VSWA-30214 Online import of User Services commands does not work
VSWA-29595 check_veeam_job and check_veeam_job_notdsfile: misplaced "blacklist" argument
VSWA-30376 The automatic generation of reports Current state of the park does not work in bigdata sourcing
VSWA-30425 Report Current state of the park Programmed in BigData - Green dots not present
VSWA-27283 User Service" widget: unable to display client or site weather
VSWA-19011 Importing User Services: the script imports on the wrong company
VSWA-27452 The ticket synchronization process is blocked (overlap)
VSWA-29823 [SN BOX] Unable to install the Net::SFTP library
VSWA-29813 [SN BOX] RemoteOperationBox does not initialize - VPN IP address not retrieved
VSWA-29875 [Box] Performance after security patches

Service Templates

  • Applicatif


Collects the number of connections on a Riverbed device. Thresholds apply to the total number of connections. Configuration: community, SNMP version and port, warning and critical thresholds.

  • Applicatif


Collects unoptimized (pass-through) traffic inbound and outbound on a Riverbed appliance. Configuration: community, SNMP version and port, warning and critical thresholds.


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