ServiceNav 4.19

Direct Linking, Dataviz and UI improvements, Freshservice integration, service templates


Reminder - ServiceNav Box migration - Ubuntu 20

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Since version 4.17 of ServiceNav, we offered the possibility to migrate the operating system of your ServiceNav Box to Ubuntu 20.04.

To date, many ServiceNav Boxes are still to be migrated.

From version 4.19the correct operation of any Ubuntu 16.04 ServiceNav Box is no longer guaranteed.

We remain at your disposal to help you migrate your ServiceNav Boxes to Ubuntu 20.04 :


DCOM hardening on Windows servers

Following CVE-2021-16414Microsoft has announced a hardening of the DCOM/WMI functionality, based on a mandatory, progressive implementation in Q1 2022.

Due to this hardening, and in client contexts of security inspection of WMI monitoring streams, it will be necessary to take measures on the client side: freeze dynamic DCOM ports, reconfigure firewalls, etc.

ServiceNav plugins based on WMIC, which are numerous in our catalog, are impacted.

This version of ServiceNav delivers a fix.

This patch will not be not deployed on ServiceNav Boxes at version 4.17.0 (Ubuntu 16.04). consequently plugins (and associated checks) will no longer work.


Reminder - End of support for the Inventory feature

As already communicated by mail to users of this feature, 31/12/2021 marks the end of support (corrections & enhancements) of Inventory.

Support requests for Inventory are now closed.
Understanding that this decision may have an impact for your teams and customers, we are at your disposal to support you in this transition, by considering alternative interconnections with ServiceNav; for example via API calls or the implementation of a third party solution such as Goverlan from EasyVista.


Direct Linking - Hosts and Services

It is now possible to generate a direct link to a Host or Service.

This link can be generated from an item's details record, and is copied directly to the clipboard. It is also integrated into email notifications and action templates (via macros).

A new field is present in the web interface Style menu (Administrator profile): Platform URL.

This prefix is used to construct the final URL.

Use cases

Direct access from an email notification, ITSM or Hypervisor

Internal communication (Teams/Slack) supported -> faster analysis and resolution


Metric display - Enhancements

We have made two ergonomic changes to the metric display:

  • Detail page > Metric it is now possible to select multiple metrics

Use cases :

Facilitate the comparison of metrics from the same check, as part of your analysis.

  • Operation Metric graph is displayed when the graph icon is hovered over

Use cases

Support analysis of metrics from different checks 'on the fly', without having to create a widget or open a detail sheet.


MAP - Enhancements

The MAP widget now offers new shapes for representing monitored elements.

It is also possible to enter text into a shape, in order to optimize the display.

  • New shapes available for monitored elements.
  • Enter text into the shape

Use cases

Enhance the capabilities of the widely used MAP widget.


API - Remove deprecated methods and maintenance related improvements

Following simplification of the API paths, introduced in version 4.18the depreciated paths, and their redirectionwill be removed in version 4.19.

We also provide new methods related to maintenance:

  • Delete a maintenance
  • Delete a host/service from a maintenance task list

Freshservice ITSM Integration

We enhance our ITSM integration catalogue, with Freshservice.

The features offered are similar to those available for other integrations :

  • Creating a ticket on alert
  • Real-time status feedback and history in ServiceNav

Use cases

Reduction of the time taken to own

Cost optimization

Tracking of incidents in ServiceNav


Complete list of developments

VSWA-30830 [box] check_api_aws_cloudwatch - added a "Status if no data" argument
VSWA-31218 [Box] EMC-VNX-StoragePool - check_emc_vnx_storagepool
VSWA-26627 REST-Webservice: Add an argument to the HTTP statuses in OK
VSWA-29688 Add the expected fields during the connection with the check_linux_command_telnet plugin
VSWA-31231 Remove a service from a maintenance
VSWA-31224 DELETE /maintenances/{maintenance}
VSWA-31230 Delete a piece of equipment from a maintenance task list
VSWA-32237 Script - Services of a list of Windows / Linux servers
VSWA-12398 MAP - Choose the display form/position of the texts of an element
VSWA-30798 GLPI integration - Remove the certificate test
VSWA-32292 [Integration ticketing] Easyvista REST - Add the supervision output in the ticket description
VSWA-32262 Inventory - Renewal of the Key Dell EMC TechDirect API used for DELL Warranty Verification
VSWA-18898 [Box] Oracle plugins fill the disk space of the ServiceNav Box due to the lack of a directory on it
VSWA-31250 /acquittances - GET - documentation
VSWA-11098 Direct link to an equipment or service
VSWA-31099 Direct link to an equipment or service - macro
VSWA-31248 /tickets - GET - documentation
VSWA-31193 Theme - add platform URL
VSWA-31291 Check_api_azure_vm_status command - Change the type of the ARG4
VSWA-30793 [Box] BGP-session-status - check_snmp_bgp_sessions
VSWA-31864 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-Alerts-List - check_microsoft_graph_api_security_alerts_list
VSWA-32306 Command check_vspc_api_jobs - typo in specification
VSWA-29490 [Box] FSecure-PSB-Company-InfectionsHandle-Count - check_api_psb_company_handledinfections
VSWA-29489 [Box] FSecure-PSB-Company-ComputerWithIssues-Count - check_api_psb_company_computerWithIssues
VSWA-27917 [Box] FSecure-PSB-Companies-Alerts-Count - check_api_psb_companies_alerts_count
VSWA-21709 [box]check_aruba_wifi_snmp_fan_status - HP-Aruba-WifiControler-Fan
VSWA-21125 [Box] MS-MSSQL-ConnectionTime_notdsfile - check_mssql_connection_time_notdsfile
VSWA-21126 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Request-Integer_notdsfile - check_ms_mssql_request_notdsfile
VSWA-21124 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Connected-Users_notdsfile - check_mssql_connected_users_notdsfile
VSWA-21134 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Database-Job-Status_notdsfile - check_mssql_database_job_status_notdsfile
VSWA-21130 [Box] MS-MSSQL-single-database-backup-age_notdsfile - check_mssql_database_backup_age_dbname_notdsfile
VSWA-21131 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Locks-Deadlocks_notdsfile - check_mssql_database_locks-deadlocks-notdsfile
VSWA-21129 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Database-Backup-Age_notdsfile - check_mssql_database_backup_age_notdsfile
VSWA-21127 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Database-Free_notdsfile - check_mssql_database-free_notdsfile
VSWA-21135 [Box] MS-MSSQL-Database-State_notdsfile - check_mssql_database_state_notdsfile
VSWA-27721 [Box] check_api_azure_pass_metrics_v2: Management of fleets above 1000 resources
VSWA-24288 [Box] PaloAlto-Session-Status - added alert and critical thresholds
VSWA-31234 [Box] Dell-DataDomain - creating the equipment model
VSWA-28884 [BOX] PRTGAPI-ServiceStatus and Host alive via PRTG API | check_prtgapi_device_status and check_prtgapi_service_status - Managing a cache
VSWA-21118 [Box] : add Port parameter + change connection method
VSWA-30182 [Box] MS-Azure-FileShare-Quota - check_api_azure_paas_fileshare_quota
VSWA-31690 [BOX] Customer specific - check_itm
VSWA-31882 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-AuditLog-DirectoryAudit - check_microsoft_graph_api_security_auditlog_directoryaudits
VSWA-32361 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-AuditLog-DirectoryAudit - check_microsoft_graph_api_security_auditlog_directoryaudits - Remove initiated by from output if value is empty and add date
VSWA-19497 [Box] Template MS-WBAdmin-Backup: collect using protocol WinRM
VSWA-21119 [Box] : add Port parameter + change connection method
VSWA-22996 [Box] PaloAlto : using the new version of the script
VSWA-30987 EMC-DataDomain-UsedSpace - - FS size 0 case, go critical
VSWA-31311 MS-WIN-PS-Eventlog - check_ps_win_eventlog - Add critical threshold information
VSWA-23373 [Box] Isilon-FileSystem-Usage - evolution
VSWA-27936 [box] SophosXG-services-status
VSWA-31993 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-AuditLog-SignIns - check_microsoft_graph_api_security_auditlog_signins
VSWA-27027 [Box] Veeam-Service-Provider-Console-Jobs - check_vspc_api_jobs
VSWA-30261 [Box] Global-SNMPv3-OID-Status - check_snmpv3_oid_status
VSWA-31537 [Box] Global-API-Value + Global-API-Status - check_generic_api_value + check_generic_api_text - Change the validity check of the -value parameter
VSWA-29980 [Box] Generic SSH plugins - passphrase management
VSWA-30667 [Box] Global-API-Count - check_generic_api_count
VSWA-32310 [Box] Veeam-Job-Status - check_veeam_job and check_veeam_job_notdsfile - Whitelist not populated - Don't bring up out of period jobs
VSWA-29834 [Box] check_trap_plus -
VSWA-4101 The "Fleet Details" report must contain the equipment of all company types
VSWA-24718 Removal and termination of deprecated route redirection
VSWA-31857 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-SecureScore - check_microsoft_graph_api_secure_score
VSWA-30787 Support module - Integrating the "customer not visible" logic for emails
VSWA-31098 Service configuration > List - harmonize sorting and filter design
VSWA-31211 Contacts/Contact Group - offer SNB reloading in case of escalation only
VSWA-30681 Non-deletable maintenance - correction script
VSWA-31103 Configuration > Column display - standardization
VSWA-32340 API - Aligning rights to the user's role
VSWA-30889 Equipment configuration > List - harmonize sorting and filter design
VSWA-30059 Additional information - Search/UI list
VSWA-30260 Equipment model - Huawei Server
VSWA-31084 Direct link on detail sheet - recovery button
VSWA-31474 [Export/Import] Uniform "Availability" column name -> "Availability
VSWA-33134 Detail sheet > Metrics - do not reload the entire field when selecting a metric
VSWA-30553 Detail sheet - Metric - multi-metric
VSWA-30636 Technical operation - Display of the metric graph on mouse-over
VSWA-28880 [BOX] PRTGAPI-ServiceStatus and Host alive via PRTG API | check_prtgapi_device_status and check_prtgapi_service_status - Support passhash in addition to password
VSWA-31353 Direct link to a piece of equipment or service - macro & notification: distinguish between full and legacy BD sourcing
VSWA-33191 [BOX] DCOM Server Security Features Modification (CVE-2021-26414) - parent application
VSWA-31673 EasyVista REST integration - URL size limit for getTicketListe()
VSWA-31914 Global-API-Value - check_generic_api_value - Use the -output argument
VSWA-31356 ITSM Integrations - Optimizing API Calls on the Ticket Column
VSWA-33431 [Box] Global-SNMPv3-OID-Status - check_snmpv3_oid_status - correction spec
VSWA-31921 CLB Integration - Variability of the closing status of a ticket
VSWA-32791 FreshService integration

Complete list of patches

VSWA-31859 [Box] MS-MSSQL-database-job-status template - Datetime problem
VSWA-30657 [Box] LIN-RAM - check_snmp_lin_ram : " Negative SNMP values collected " if RAM > 3Tb
VSWA-33670 OVH SaaS performance : opening a device configuration sheet
VSWA-31216 SUT Widget - The number of lines returned is limited to 50
VSWA-33535 OVH SaaS performance - status list dashboard queries are always executed when the dashboard changes
VSWA-32571 [BOX] PRTGAPI-ServiceStatus and Host alive via PRTG API | check_prtgapi_device_status and check_prtgapi_service_status - Cache management: No cache generation
VSWA-18364 [Box] HP-Procurve-Fan model: untimely switch to UNKNOWN state
VSWA-32354 [Box] MS-SecurityCenter-AuditLog-SignIns - check_microsoft_graph_api_security_auditlog_signins - Displays location when there is none
VSWA-24389 [Box] MS-Azure-Log-Analytics: errors on thresholds management
VSWA-27688 [BOX] MS-Win-ActiveDirectory-Health - - Unknown system language
VSWA-23491 [Box] - misinterpreted password
VSWA-25501 [Box] lib coservit powershell and winexe - creating zombie powershell processes on the client server
VSWA-29311 [BOX] Network_traffic_Plus_SNMPV3 - & Network_traffic-SNMPv3 - check_centreon_snmp_traffic -Magic number checking on storable file failed
VSWA-27257 [BOX] Lin-Ping-Svc-OnHost - - Convert rta, rtmin, and rtmax to ms
VSWA-27833 [Box] Veeam-Job-BackupCopy-Status - check_veeam_backupcopy_job - Unable to get the information: database access failed!
VSWA-30782 [Box] MS-WIN-PS-Command - - malfunction if performance data empty
VSWA-31213 Current state of the park (customer park ext. use) - Filtering by category not functional
VSWA-31123 The export of the equipment does not work if you choose a label in the filter
VSWA-31100 Parent-Child Relationship not functional GIS accounts
VSWA-33045 Command form: shift between arguments
VSWA-31516 [Box] EMC-VNXe-Global-Status - - incorrect return on /sys/general
VSWA-33020 Direct link - Sourcing parameter not present in pasi.conf.php
VSWA-33914 DCOM security hole: Plugins using wmic not working
VSWA-33439 HTTP_HTTPS - check_http_full - No certificate check on U20 and remote servers in UK
VSWA-30040 [Box] - Winexe command encoding error
VSWA-32312 [Box] Veeam-Service-Provider-Console-Jobs - check_vspc_api_jobs - Filters not working

Service Templates

  • Cloud


Monitors the quota used by an Azure file sharing service and alerts if it exceeds configured thresholds. Configuration: Azure connection information, file share name, units, warning threshold, critical threshold.

  • Backup - Backup


Monitor the status of one or more Veeam jobs, one or more companies, and optionally the runtime, last run date and data volume, via the Veeam Service Provider Console v2 API. Configuration: API URL, API login and password, Job names, Company names

  • Storage - Storage


Collects occupancy (utilization rate, absolute value in TB) of EMC VNX array storage pools and changes status when the utilization rate for at least one pool exceeds configured thresholds. Prerequisite: install the NaviCLI product on the monitoring server. Configuration: User account and password (optional - secure access to EMC CLI), storage pool whitelist/blacklist, capacity thresholds

  • Applicatif


Monitoring, in a generic way, of any API in REST format (Json) by GET or POST requests. The service supports the obtaining, if neecessary, of an authentication token by calls to another EndPoint Counts the number of matches returned based on white/black lists, and compares them with thresholds

  • Network - Réseau


Checks the status of BGP connections on a device. Alerts if at least one session is not OK. Configuration: Community, port and SNMP version, white/black list of BPG sessions to be included in the check.

  • Cloud


Checks Microsoft audit logs via the Graph API, based on filters passed as a parameter and alerts if at least one item matches. Configuration: Tenant ID, Application ID and secret provided by Microsoft, filtering criteria. Prerequisite: Rights according to Microsoft documentation:

  • Cloud


Checks Microsoft connection logs via the Graph API, based on filters passed as a parameter and alerts if at least one item matches. Configuration: Tenant ID, Application ID and secret provided by Microsoft, filtering criteria. Prerequisite: Rights according to Microsoft documentation:

  • Cloud


Checks the latest security score returned by the Microsoft "SecureScore" API and alerts if thresholds are exceeded. Configuration: Tenant ID, Application ID, Microsoft Graph API Access Key, thresholds Prerequisite: Rights indicated in the Microsoft documentation

  • Cloud


Returns the list of alerts present in the Microsoft Security Center according to filters, and alerts based in the value of a field present in the alert. Configuration: Tenant ID, Application ID and secret provided by Microsoft, filtering criteria. Prerequisite: Rights according to Microsoft documentation:


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