ServiceNav 4.3

Dashlink, Timeline evolution, Azure PaaS objects plugins


Dashlink - A new horizon for your dashboards

Do you need to share a monitoring console with internal or external customers without giving them rights in ServiceNav?

Share your Dataviz dashboards with a simple link, with Dashlink functionality!

Available in EDIT mode on all your Dataviz dashboards

The shared dashboard is displayed by simply calling the URL, in read-only mode:

In shared mode, no authentication is required, so no editing or access to detail records is possible.

Find this information in the documentation !


Timeline - Tickets and Acknowledgements

You can now find the history of tickets and acknowledgments on the timeline ("history" tab of the details sheet).


Important note: this information is provided by the new Big Data architecture, and will first be available via the Dataviz module, before being generalized.


Stop updating Ubuntu 12 ServiceNav Boxes

As we have been telling you since the release note of our version 4.0 The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version on which the ServiceNav Boxes were based is no longer updated and supported since April 2017.

The total support for these boxes will be determined as follows:

  • The ServiceNav Box U12 collection plug-ins are no longer updated as of version 4.3.0.
    Security-related updates will always be provided.

Initially planned for the 01/06An extension of one month was granted.

  • no more feedback as of 01/09

To help you anticipate this migration and know the number of boxes to migrate, we remind you that there is, on all the auto-supervisions, a checkpoint indicating the version of the OS of the box.

Since version 4.0, we offer a script to facilitate this migration. Let yourself be guided by the documentation.

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