ServiceNav 4.4

Evolutions of the timeline, enriched ergonomics



Time line

In line with the developments announced in version 4.3We are continuing our work on the time line, in order to centralize and represent in time the different interventions related to an element.

Adding maintenance information

The maintenance period is now displayed on the timeline, and represented by a ribbon.

Back" and "Next" buttons

The "Previous" and "Next" buttons appear, and allow you to quickly navigate between status changes, within the timeline, and thus facilitate the analysis.

Important note: these evolutions are brought by the new Big Data architecture, and will be available first via the Dataviz module, before being generalized.


Enhanced ergonomics

Floating buttons

In all screens containing lists, the menus are now floating, allowing access to features at any time, without having to go back to the top of the list.

Validate the windows with the "Enter" key .

Item creation and configuration windows can now be validated with the "Enter" key.

Warning when deleting a User Service component

When deleting a piece of equipment/unit service/user service that is part of a User Service, a confirmation is requested, and the list of components involved is available for download.

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