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Viadéis™ Services - Web

  • Inventory of Microsoft Windows servers and workstations
  • Viadéis Services: "Cloud Ready" supervision.


Box Service Models

  • Oracle - 18 models available.
  • Microsoft SQL Server (backup, available space, ...)
  • Temperature sensor SensorProbe AKCP
  • QMAIL: queue and server status
  • ARKOON (CPU, RAM, log size, ...)
  • Sonic WALL: IPSec tunnel.
  • Zyxel USG Series: processor, RAM, network traffic, VPN network traffic.
  • QNAP (NAS): remaining RAM, disk status and temperature, fan speed.
  • Maximum number of files in a directory and/or date of last modification of files in a directory
  • Veeam Backup
  • Check File is valid: checks that a file is not out of date based on a part of its name
  • Barracuda: analyzes the status of the IN and OUT mail queues of a Barracuda server.
  • Sophos


Viadéis™ Services - Web

  • Discovery
  • Improved field layout in search forms
  • Flapping rate in technical operation
  • Renaming a term in the configuration record of a user service

Service Templates

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