version 1.7

The version 1.7 is available ...



Integration of the solution with a LDAP directory Viadéis™ Services platform : possibility for each user to deport the authentication on the Viadéis™ Services platform to an LDAP directory of the Active Directory type.

Periodic reporting Definition by client of the periodic sending of a report on network and email sharing, and visualization of the good execution of the last sending

New service models

  • IBM DS 3xxx/4xxx equipment
  • VMware: ESX/ESXi Hypervisor Hardware Layer Monitoring
  • Asterisk telephony servers with added value TelNowEdge company
  • DELL EqualLogic PSxx equipment
  • Fortigate FortiOS version 4.0 equipment
  • Alcatel Switch Model
  • Linux system: RAID system monitoring


  • New snmp version argument for "snmp_traffic" commands
  • DELL Openmanage temperature sensor performance data
  • Veeambackup: status of a backup job
  • Microsoft SQL Server, database backup: adding an argument to handle exceptions

On the website

On the website...

  • Display of the "notifications" tab in line with the business rule: if a device has the notification status "default" (old status removed from the interface) and it has notification statuses checked (critical, alert, unstable, etc.) then the notification is set to YES, otherwise it is set to NO.
  • Problem in the time of the alert contained in the SMS message
  • Acknowledgement not functional if you go through the weather services
  • The search in the event logs is functional
  • No event available on the equipment

On the service models ...

  • Problem of unmounting directories after running some plug-ins
  • Modification of the check_file_present script for use with smbclient
  • Modification of the check_file_validity script for use with smbclient
  • Adding a semaphore file to shell scripts using mount
  • Support for Windows administrative shares in commands
  • Testing the correct execution of a Linux process: compatible output and status
  • Corrections to the display of the QNAP services template
  • Backup Exec Agent mode remediation issues
  • DELL Openmanage Raid fixes
  • SOPHOS : support for domain accounts

Service Templates

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