version 1.8

The version 1.8 is available ...


Monitoring Accounts

define in a single place at the company or site level the access accounts to the equipment to be supervised. The configuration of the unitary services is then automatically updated. The deployment of the supervision and the update of the configuration are considerably simplified and accelerated.


Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • Trend Micro Office Scan and Worry Free Anti-Virus
  • HP Data Protector
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup
  • Symantec System Recovery
  • VS Update Agent: collect VS Update Agent status, and set some variables in the remote registry

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Tomcat Web Server
  • Status and number of instances of a Windows process
  • CPU usage by a Windows process
  • Memory usage by a Windows process
  • Symantec End Point Protection
  • Seagate - eVault i365
  • J2EE application
  • Status of a virtual machine backup performed with Veeam Backup
  • Allied Telesys Switch - CPU
  • ALCATEL Switch

A new graphic bookstore

A new graphical library is available for the visualization of performance data on unit services: improved ergonomics, differentiated display of curves, taking into account different units...



SNMP interface numbers are now displayed for each interface: this simplifies the configuration of the supervision.


On the website...

  • Modification of the Viadéis Services menus - the menu texts are now more readable
  • Displaying the command associated with a service template in the list of service templates
  • Definition of metric categories in the web interface
  • Added the name of the Viadéis™ Services Box in the configuration update pop-ups
  • Reporting - include the processing of equipment monitored by Viadéis™ Services Agent
  • Reporting - dynamic category display
  • Reporting - reduce report size by changing image formats
  • Configuration - General menu > Box: modification of the labels.
  • Configuration: visibility of shared Viadéis™ Services Box servers in equipment configuration forms
  • Overhaul of the Viadéis™ shared box services server configuration

On the service models ...

  • HP ProLiant: display of temperature sensor graphs

About the Viadéis™ Services Box

  • When reloading the configuration, the Viadéis™ Services Box reloads the following information from the configuration: notification, control period

On the website...

  • Technical operation: visibility of equipment without unitary services
  • Technical evaluation: display error on the number of pieces of equipment and unit services
  • Visibility of service models when adding a device supervised by Viadéis™ Services Agent
  • Alphabetical display of service models in an equipment model
  • Creation of an identifier when duplicating a device supervised by Viadéis™ Services Agent
  • Appropriate management of Internet Explorer browsing standards, allowing a display adapted to the browser version
  • Management of special characters in the name of user services
  • Hiding the tab Graph for a unitary service for which no performance data is reported
  • Reporting: problem in sending the report email when the message contains €.
  • Reporting: category visibility Router
  • Reporting: generation of non-functional consumption reports if their name contains a space
  • Reporting: problem in selecting items to be included in reporting
  • Configuration: deleting contacts / contact groups from a device or service that is actually effective
  • Configuration: modifying general information in bulk removes the notification policy
  • Configuration: "duplicate service model" function fully operational
  • Configuration: configuration sheet of a device supervised by Viadéis™ Services Agent: renaming and clarification of the field Public IP address

On the service models ...

  • Runtime on ESX service templates
  • AIX file system: '-' character support, regular expression support
  • Arkoon: return code when no data is returned
  • HTTP service model: error message correction on threshold entry
  • Modification of Windows service templates to differentiate domain, user and password
  • HP SIM Power Supply: effective feedback
  • Viadéis™ Services Box configuration for the proper functioning of IBM AS400 service models
  • Microsoft SQL Server: does not work when the user's password ends in '&'.

Service Templates

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