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Spotlight on reporting and dashboards




Company Ranking: Define whether a company (or one of its sites) is supervised within a contract, standard or VIP, or outside of a contract. This concept is used in the operational dashboards.

Operating dashboards: you wish to monitor the backup and disk space problems of your entire fleet of companies under VIP contract, centrally ? Define your dashboards with your criteria, and share them with the other actors of the IT operation...

These dashboards are animated in a carousel: in one click, you choose the interactive dashboard of your choice.

From a dashboard, you can act directly on your park under supervision: immediate control, acknowledgement, remote control are all within a mouse's reach.

You define your dashboards as you wish, for your entire fleet, or for certain companies, according to your criteria: type of contracts, criticality of equipment and unit services, status of equipment and unit services. You define the columns of your dashboards, their order.

ReportsThe reporting module now allows the production of availability and performance analysis reports for a customer base through a single configuration. With this simplification of configuration, address your customers from a reporting perspective in a homogeneous way.

New service templates:

Viadéis™ Agent Services

  • Windows logs: monitoring of events with a specific identifier over a period of time
  • Monitoring backups made with Symantec System Recovery 2011

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Any type of switch: interface status, analysis of rejected packets, errors, and card speeds
  • Windows logs: monitoring of events with a specific identifier over a period of time




Accelerated installation, no more information to be entered manually: the packaging of Viadéis™ Services Agent has been reviewed. The installation program is accessible from the Viadéis™ Services on a simple clickable link.

Configuration generation - Ergonomics has evolved towards greater simplicity (display of the essential elements for loading the configuration), and access to essential information: the generation summary, indicating the number of errors and warnings, is displayed at the top of the page. The user is warned when the configuration is generated: an advice message informs the user to load the configuration outside of the supervision's peak usage hours.

Rationalisation of the reporting technique implies the disappearance of the possibility of incorporating comments directly into the reports. These comments can be integrated into the message accompanying the report.

On the website

  • For category equipment Printertab, the Printing Information is no longer displayed in the equipment detail record.




On the website

  • Correction of the display of the availability rate to be considered OK, when it is equal to the desired availability target.
  • Optimization of the algorithm for inserting performance data into the database of Viadéis™ Services Platform

On the Box...

  • Optimization of the performance data processing algorithm at Viadéis™ Services Box

On the service templates …

  • Symantec Backup Exec (Agent): support for backups that are blocked as being erroneous.
  • Windows, RAM: passwords with special characters are accepted.


Service Templates

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