Version 2.10

new and improved


Web App

  • Business services representing the team to which a user belongs: creation, modification, deletion
  • Business Service - User Service Association (standard or Cloud): a business service consumes several user services, a user service is consumed by several business services)
  • Comment associated with a user service, allowing to communicate to users any information on the state of the user service: instructions in case of failure, date/time of return to normal, etc.


  • Nagios / Shinken configuration import tool
  • Ticketing integration with Sage X3 web services
  • Web Service for collecting the name, status and associated comments of user services for a site and a business service, allowing display in an external extranet-type application (e.g. Sharepoint)

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • Checking the offset between a device's clock and the clock of a reference NTP server
  • StorageTek tape library: hardware component status checks, global status
  • HP ESL 9000 series, ESL E-Series, EML E-Series, MSL 5000/6000 series (firmware 4.23 and higher), VLS 6000 series tape libraries: general status
  • Cyberoam Firewall: disk, CPU, swap, memory, service status, hits per protocol, connected users
  • EMC VNX Series Storage Arrays: Module Status Checks
  • SUN server: RAM collection, cache excluded - status of a volume (mirror, metadb, raid) - status of services (processes)
  • Sending and verification of message reception on SMTP server with any type of security
  • Citrix: about 25 Windows performance counters - compliance with the publisher's operations guide
  • Citrix: collect the number of concurrent sessions on a farm
  • OpenVMS system: search for a list of strings or regular expressions in log files
  • Oracle Database: compares the result of a SQL query on an Oracle database that returns a String value with a string passed as an argument to the

Web App

  • Securing the user configuration form
  • GLPI integration: optional/hidden speaker, selection of ticket category/subcategory
  • Control of the conformity of the time slots
  • Scheduling of status history calculations
  • Viadéis SaaS Services: HTTPS protocol support with dedicated certificate per client space

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • [Plug-in] HP-P6000-Controller-status: HSV3XX support
  • [Plug-in] Check NRPE: specify arguments from the supervision interface
  • [Plug-in] Backup Exec SQL: wildcard support % for job names
  • [Plug-in] LIN-FileDateNewerThan, LIN-FileOlderThan: SSH port settings

Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • [Plug-in] Backup Exec SQL: wildcard support % for job names

Web App

  • [Availability Report] Locating the name of the user services of the sites
  • Problem in the time displayed in the dialog popup with the Viadéis™ Services Box
  • Incorrect user service status calculation if the user service contains hidden user services
  • Slow display of equipment and services lists in the Configuration menu: deletion of search fields (temporary solution)

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • [Plug-in] MS-WIN-PlannedTasks: problem with parsing collected information
  • [Plug-in] Kaspersky-KAV-v8-update: control execution problem in Ubuntu 12.04 environment
  • Don't receive mail alerts if a log file is not present: configuration of the function logrotate

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